Watch NME’s ‘Wonder Woman’ graffiti cover being created in this awesome time-lapse video

Graffiti artist Jim Vision transforms a blank wall in central London into a giant Wonder Woman mural, especially for NME.

To commemorate NME‘s partnership with Wonder Woman, this year’s coolest superhero movie, street culture specialists Urban Species and renowned international graffiti artist Jim Vision were commissioned to create an awesome mural in her honour. They took a blank wall in central London and transformed it into a spectacular piece of street art that captures the four pillars of the DC character’s strength: power, grace, wisdom and wonder. It’s this graffiti masterpiece that you’ll see on this week’s NME cover.

Watch a time-lapse of the cover being created above

Now, this was obviously no 10-minute job. Jim Vision took hours turning the wall into a fitting tribute to an enduring and beloved pop culture icon, and you can watch how he did it in this awesome time-lapse video.

Wonder Woman opens in UK cinemas today (June 1) after earning a clutch of super-positive reviews. The film is actually an origin story: when we meet the title character she’s still Diana, an Amazon princess training to be an unassailable warrior on an remote paradise island. Though she’s being raised for greatness, Diana doesn’t yet know what her true purpose is.

But after she meets Steve Trevor, an American pilot who tells her about the war raging in the outside world, Diana becomes convinced that she can help. It’s here that she discovers her destiny and unlocks her full potential. And to say any more would be to cross over into spoiler territory. But if you can’t get enough of Wonder Woman, you can catch her again in the Justice League movie, due in November.