The 10 Best Films Of 2009

2009. It’s so last year. And by using my tiny brain, quite forgettable when it came to movies. That is until you look deeper, scan all the movies released and realise that there were a hell of a lot of quite respectable movies out there.


Without further ado, here’s a list of the ten best, a trailer from each and a word or two from some reviewer with a huge penis that may or may not be me. (It is me, I don’t have a huge penis though).


10.The Hangover
The laughs may never be anything approaching highbrow (Naked Asian Guy, Naked Old Man, Naked Alan) but as an empty headed, stupid and fun 90 minutes without any explosions or machine gun fights it may be the perfect summer film to watch the night after a skinful.
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9.District 9
Intelligent? Blockbuster? Do these words belong together? With themes as complex as segregation and xenophobia it seems that, for the first time in a long time, they just might.

8.Synechdoche, New York
It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have a brain and not only enjoy using it but also enjoy having it fucked with, then this is the film for you.
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7.Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist
The kinda film that sets my progress as a fully functional human being back a few steps. But fuck it, who doesn’t want to be a naive, hopeless fool who thinks that music can bring about true love?

6.The Wrestler
An entire lifetime’s worth of preparation, leaving one incredible performance in one incredible film.
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5.The Hurt Locker

The power of (The Montage) is not that it’s heart-renderingly joyful and then, within a split-second, crushingly sorrowful but the way that Pixar manage to, in a matter of minutes, earn every single tear that rolls down the face.
Up and Pixar

3.Away We Go
An antidote to the bleakness of Sam Mendes’ last film, Revolutionary Road, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is Juno with adults. And while most may not see that as an insult, the truth is this is far superior, grown-up movie-making, about trying to make it as an adult.

=1.Let The Right One In
This perverse yet exceptionally beautiful love story is the heart of the movie and while it works fantastically well as a horror piece, it’s watching this boy and girl fall in love because they need each other that stays with you long after you’ve left the cinema and sat down to write an ill-contrived yet well-meaning review.
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=1.(500) Days Of Summer
The awkwardness of starting a conversation with someone you’re attracted to. The feeling of connecting when they like the same ‘bizzaro crap’ as you. That first time. It’s moments like Summer crying at ‘The Graduate’ and Tom not understanding why. It’s her imploring him that she’s still his best friend. The good, the bad and the ugly of relationships are represented extraordinarily well.
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I know, I know, far too many cheesy love-fests, copping out with two number ones (but in fairness how do you battle a rom-com against a horror). A distinct lack of Milk, Inglorious Basterds, Moon, Gran Torino, A Serious Man, Avatar, Zombieland. Quite frankly they all deserve a place. Just don’t champion Lesbian Vampire Killers and we’ll enter the New Year still best friends…