The Inbetweeners Film – Will It Be Any Good?

The full-length trailer for The Inbetweeners (release date: August 19) has just been unleashed. But what will the film be like…?

I’m going to preface this by divulging that, the day before yesterday, for the sheer thrill of it, I watched all three series of The Inbetweeners in one sitting, only pausing to make tea.

So obviously I’m a big fan, as should you be, and, even though I’ve already seen each episode countless times, I still cackled dirtily when, in series one, Will, the show’s narrator and main character, indulges in some “heavy petting” with Charlotte “big jugs” Hinchcliffe – in series two, when Neil punches a fish to death in a mini motor boat on a school trip to Swanage after, but not as a result of, being told by Jay that “on holiday in Spain one year me and my mate took a pedalo out and went to Africa” and in series three, when Simon goes to Warwick to have sex with his girlfriend somewhere comfortable (“oh – only in her vagina”).

What I’m trying to say here, which is getting lost amongst my contentedly displayed extensive knowledge of Inbetweeners scenes and dialogue (it’s all from memory), is that the feature length film will almost certainly be filled to the brim with the TOTAL BANTER that we’re used to, and it’s NOT one of those movies where all the best bits are in the trailer.

The film has been dubbed ‘a cooler version’ of Kevin And Perry Go Large, and while the premise certainly lends itself to the ideal behind …Go Large, that doesn’t mean a bloody thing.

The Inbetweeners movie WILL be different, because the film’s core is fundamentally the boys themselves, who are miles of gash, fanny and minge away from the Kevin that we saw eleven years ago (unless you count Simon sulking like a recalcitrant schoolboy, which happened at least once every series and will no doubt crop up in the film).

InBetweeners cover

The first trailer, in which the boys are walking down a road in what looks like a meticulously true to form cinematic encapsulation of a night out in a Club 18-30 destination – those holidays where the “youth of today” go to get sloshed and have sex – was busy for the eyes and ears. Panic-inducing, almost.

Perhaps that’s because I have never been on one of these “holidays” – as I am a decidedly middle class princess who summers in the South of France – I was once invited to Ayia Napa and the mere thought of it horrified me.

Although I can’t relate, it was all very exciting, and when it ends with Jay saying “you better bring your wellies …cause you’re gonna be knee deep in clunge”, I imagined the male, teenage contingent of the UK laughing along with me.


The extended second trailer is more indicative of what we should look forward to, and sets us up for “two weeks of sun, sea, booze, minge, fanny and sex”. It also serves to present the most popular themes from the series that have been transposed into the new film, (Donovan being a bully, Simon’s ever-unfortunate love life, Jay’s constant referral to “gash”, Neil’s “dancing”, a good looking blonde pitying Will and offering to deflower him), and even though we’ve seen this all before in the preceding eighteen episodes, it doesn’t mean that it won’t still be incredible.

It’s safe to say that the genii behind The Inbetweeners will have shot, and scored, “…right up the vag.”