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Robert Carlyle On Making 'Trainspotting 2': 'It's One Of The Best Scripts I've Fucking Ever Read'

It's official: Danny Boyle is shooting Trainspotting 2 next summer, with Ewan McGregor (Rent Boy), Jonny Lee Miller (Sick Boy), Ewan Bremner (Spud) and Robert Carlyle (Begbie) all reprising their roles from the classic 1996 film. Trainspotting screenwriter John Hodge has scripted the sequel too, and though Boyle has said it's only "very loosely based" on Irvine Welsh's own follow-up novel, Porno, we don't know much else. So when NME spoke to Carlyle on the phone earlier this week, we had to ask if he'd tell us any more.

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James Bond Review Roundup – How 'Spectre' (Mostly) Won Over Critics

The new James Bond film, Spectre, is finally here, and not short of spectacle according to NME's Olly Richards, whose review you can read here. But what did the rest of the great and good of online and print media make of Daniel Craig's potentially final outing as the super-spy? Here's a round-up of what some of the first reviews have had to say following its first press screening last night...

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'The Lobster' Stars Colin Farrell And Rachel Weisz On Making 2015's Weirdest Comedy Film – Watch

The Lobster, the first English-language film from Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, is rightly being hailed as this year's weirdest comedy film. Its inventive premise makes Tinder seem like a breeze: in a dystopian near-feature, single people are given 45 days to find a partner – or they're turned into an animal of their choice. NME sat down with stars Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz to find out what attracted them to this awesomely surreal, thought-provoking and darkly humorous movie.

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'Mad Max: Fury Road' Director George Miller On Making 2015's Most Thought-Provoking Action Film

When Mad Max: Fury Road sped into cinemas in May, NME called it [url=http://www.nme.com/reviews/various-artists/16075]"the most exhilarating film of 2015 so far"[/url]. Since then, director George Miller's high-octane chase movie has grossed $375 million at the global box office and become one of the most analysed blockbusters in recent memory. Everything from its punky aesthetic to its supposed feminist agenda to its freaky flamethrower guitarist has prompted a breathless internet thinkpiece. With Fury Road now being released on DVD and Blu-ray, NME sat down with Miller to find out his take on the theories surrounding the film.

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Trainspotting 2: Everything We Know So Far About Danny Boyle's Upcoming Sequel

Trainspotting, Danny Boyle’s classic 1996 film about the exploits of heroin addicts in Edinburgh, based on the novel by the provocative writer Irvine Welsh, is getting the sequel treatment. Welsh published his own sequel, Porno, in 2002, which saw some returning characters move into the adult film business, and now Boyle’s getting in on the act (as in, he's making a sequel, not mucky movies, as far as we know). There aren't a massive amount of facts for fans to feast on just yet, but in case you want to get up to speed... here’s everything we know so far.

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