Wonder Woman 2: cast, release date and everything we know so far

The sequel will be out in December 2019.

Grossing more than $389 million at the US box office, ‘Wonder Woman’ has been one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters. It was no surprise that Gal Gadot would be donning her cape once again, and returning to our screens as the Amazonian princess. Here’s everything we know about the sequel so far:

Has there been any news on the cast?

Warner Bros have announced that Gal Gadot will be returning to play the titular superhero in the sequel.

Screen Rant are also reporting that Chris Pine will be returning, although it’s not entirely clear how, given the ending of ‘Wonder Woman’.

What about the production staff?

Director of the first movie, Patty Jenkins, is in talks to return, but nothing official has been announced yet. Jenkins has expressed in directing the second film, speaking to Entertainment Weekly she said: “Now I want to make Wonder Woman 2. It’s a beautiful story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.”

The director has also Tweeted to say that although there has been no official announcement, that she is “hopeful”.

DC Films’ co-chairman Geoff Johns has confirmed that he’d be involved, telling Yahoo Movies: “I’m working right now on the ‘Wonder Woman 2’ script. I just started”

Any idea of the plot?

She may not have officially signed on for the second instalment of the franchise – but director Patty Jenkins does have some ideas of what she’d like to happen in the sequel. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly she said: “The story will take place in the U.S., which I think is right, she’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America. It’s time.”

The film could be set in 1980s, with Screen Rant reporting that the next film will be another “historical adventure”, but this time see Diana up against the forces of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Is there a trailer yet?

No trailer has been revealed yet

What will it be called?

It’s expected the sequel will simply be called Wonder Woman II – after the production team held up a flash card with those words on it, during the 2017 Wonder Woman panel at Comic Con.

When will ‘Wonder Woman 2’ be released?

December 13, 2019