The ‘Stranger Things’ kids had a ball at their season two premiere last night

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It’s back! Stranger Things season two is now available to stream on Netflix and we, like you, could not be more excited to see the return of the sci-fi show set in 1984. When we hung out with the kids who’ve captured the world’s imagination with the show’s combination of Stephen King-style frights and Steven Spielberg levels of warmth and wonder, they told us that they’ve found the response – critical acclaim, a million memes – somewhat overwhelming. Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, emphasised the importance of keeping one’s feet on the ground: “We’re kids,” he said. “We can’t grow up too fast. We gotta remember how old we are and where we come from, so our heads don’t get bigger than our bodies.” Sage advice, though you’ll forgive the cast for letting their hair down at the series premiere in Los Angeles last night…