It’s Always Sunny: this drummer has turned Charlie’s motormouthed speech into beautiful jazz

The gang never sounded so good

Speech has its own amazing flow, something an Irish drummer called David Dockery has been highlighting to incredible effect on his YouTube channel. In a video that went viral yesterday (March 15) the 24-year-old drums along to dialogue from a scene of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – specifically, part of the 10th episode of season four, ‘Sweet Dee Has A Heart Attack’.

In the clip, Charlie is unravelling a conspiracy in the office where he and Mac are posing as workers, and Dockery drums along to their mad speech patterns. Have a look below: it’s jaw-droppingly accurate.

How the hell did Dockery remember such a complicated set of rhythms? How did he even go about learning it in the first place? Well, he’s explained it for fans as follows: “There’s an app I use called AB repeat player,” he wrote on YouTube. “That lets me isolate a tiny portion of the clip, like a sentence, and then loop it over until I get the rhythm of it. Then I just think of the best way to phrase it. So I worked through it bit by bit like that, it probably took around 11 hours total.”

He added: “I love the way some of the parts have a groove to them!” So do we David, so do we.