‘Black Mirror’ season 5: release date, trailers, cast, writers and everything we know so far

Is Charlie Brooker's anthology series set to return?

Charlie Brooker’s scarily accurate sci-fi anthology Black Mirror may have only just returned for a fourth season on Netflix, but if you’re anything like us you’ll already have binged the latest six episodes and be wanting more.

Is there going to be a fifth season of Black Mirror?

At the moment, it’s unconfirmed either way. However fans have reasons to be hopeful about future instalments: speaking to The Hollywood Reporter executive producer Annabel Jones expressed interest at doing further series, saying: “We love making the show. It’s an utter privilege to be able to curate six films. It’s the stuff of dreams. So we would love to do more and hopefully there will be a conversation with Netflix, but at the moment we’re just wanting everyone to hopefully enjoy season four.”

Additionally when Jones and fellow executive producer Charlie Brooker were asked by Metro.co.uk about the possibility of a fifth season they revealed: “We would love to do it”, but added they were just “focusing on series four at the moment.”

Do we have any release dates?

As of yet Black Mirror hasn’t has its return confirmed – so there’s no release date. However if there is a fifth season of the show it looks likely that it’d be released in late 2018, going on previous cycles of the show (season three was released on Netflix on October 21, 2016 and season four on December 29, 2017).

How many episodes would season 5 have?

This is unconfirmed; but going on season 3 and 4, which both had six episodes, if the fifth cycle followed the trend it would also have six episodes.

Do we have a trailer for Black Mirror season 5?

Not yet.

What about casting?

Nobody has been cast so far.

Any idea of the plot?

With each episode standing alone, there’s no cliff hangers for the next series to pick up in.

However in the past Charlie Brooker has revealed that he had an idea for a sequel to season two episode ‘White Bear’. Speaking to The Independent he explained it was “more a zombie apocalypse type thing about a journalist and this signal bouncing about the globe” but added it could be difficult to do, saying: “It’d probably be a heck of a job to go back and recreate the entire fucking park because it’s gone now. It might work better as a graphic novel or something like that.” So if we do get a season five, is this a sequel we could see?

But we do know some ideas that probably won’t happen. Throughout the four series’ Black Mirror has genre hopped between a variety of different themes. Speaking to NME Charlie Brooker explained that the superhero genre wasn’t something he was especially interested in, saying: “I’m not that interested in superheroes generally because there’s so many of them around…If we were to do superheroes…it’s hard to see what  hasn’t already been done! ‘Iron Man’ is a bit of a Black Mirror superhero story in many ways, as is ‘Kick-Ass’, so it’d be a tricky one.”

And could we see a sequel to San Junipero in the next season?

Almost certainly not. When NME asked about a sequel to the fan favourite episode, Brooker responded: “In terms of a sequel to San Junipero, no, certainly not in its current form – I don’t think we’d revisit those characters unless we had a really, really good reason – and I very much doubt that we would do that as an episode. Maybe as a graphic novel or some sort of commemorative biscuit; but we wouldn’t want to pick that apart and tinker with it, as we’d like to leave Kelly and Yorkie where they are.”

And what about a Black Mirror film?

Brooker has revealed that a movie would be unlikely, telling NME: “We would need a really good idea to do a movie…because we feel like they’re little movies anyway, so unless we had an idea that needed 300 million dollars, I think we’re incredibly lucky to be doing what we’re doing.”