Peaky Blinders season 4: release dates, cast, behind the scenes photos and everything you need to know

Thomas Shelby and co will return soon

It’s been over a year since the thrilling finale of season 3, and filming for Peaky Blinders season 4 is complete – and a fifth series is in the works too. As trailers, cast members and other details about the forthcoming series come to light, we’ll update this page. For now, here’s everything there is to know about the BBC’s Brummie series.

Whats the latest?

  • The first photo from season four has been revealed
  • First trailer has been released
  • Details of the plot of the first episode have been shared
  • Cillian Murphy says the new season is ‘the best yet’
  • Filming is complete
  • Season 4 expected to return in October
  • Tom Hardy is back, and Adrien Brodie and Aidan Gillan will be joining the cast
  • Season 5 ordered too

Is there a trailer for Peaky Blinders Season 4?

Yep – here’s the first trailer for Peaky Blinders Season 4.

The first photo from season 4 revealed

The BBC has just shared the below promotional image, showing the main cast members

Peaky Blinders season 4

Peaky Blinders season 4

What will happen in the first episode?

Teasing the synopsis, the BBC have revealed that the series takes place six months after the last episode and opens with Thomas receiving a mysterious letter on Christmas Eve which tells him that the Peaky Blinders are in “danger of annihilation.”

The synopsis continues: “As the enemy closes in, Shelby flees his country house and returns to the streets of Small Heath, Birmingham where a fight for survival begins….”

When is Peaky Blinders season 4 out?

Late 2017.

Season 3 took four months to film and another three to edit. If we apply the same rule of thumb to season 4, we get a release date of early October.

What’s happened on set?

Filming started back in March in Toxteth, Liverpool – and now it’s finished. Almost overnight, the streets of Liverpool aged by 90 years, with the yellow road lines obscured, and vintage cars lining the roads, plus some classic advertising billboards to recreate 1920s Birmingham.

Various sources have shared photos of Cillian Murphy and co filming, with Murphy in character as Tommy Shelby filming scenes running around the streets of Toxteth with a gun in hand.

According to the Birmingham Mail, filming could also take place at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley in May. The Museum will be transformed into Charlie Strong’s scrap metal yard, the place where Tommy stores and exports his illegal goods.

How many episodes are there?

Six – as with every series of Peaky Blinders. In an interview with Deadline in mid-January, show creator Steven Knight declared that he had almost finished writing episode 6 of season 4, so writing for the forthcoming season has presumably been completed now that filming has started.

Which of the cast are returning?

Cillian Murphy has confirmed his return for both series 4 and 5. The rest of the main cast are expected to return but are yet to be announced. Paul Anderson and Joe Cole will probably return as Tommy’s brothers Arthur and John. Cole has yet to be seen filming with the cast – but his character John Shelby was locked up in last season’s dramatic finale, so that’s no surprise.

Creator Steven Knight has confirmed that Tom Hardy (with whom he worked on January’s Taboo) will be returning as violent gang leader Alfie Solomons during the new series. He said: “We can’t do it without Alfie”, continuing, “Tom Hardy was very keen to return. He’s an actor in high demand but he made sure he would be available for Peaky Blinders.”

The below picture suggests that Finn Shelby and Isiah Jesus may take a more central role in season 4.

Charlotte Riley is also set to reprise her role as May Carleton – who was last seen in series two, and has been photographed on set with Cillian Murphy.

Meanwhile, Helen McCrory should be back as Polly Gray, with Finn Cole as her son Michael.

What are the cast and crew saying about season 4?

“Everything has changed,” according to Cillian Murphy. “It’ll be up to Tommy to demonstrate to them that he hasn’t betrayed them and that he has a bigger plan. The question is what that bigger plan is.”

Now in a new interview with ODE, he added: “I think Season 4 will be the best it has been. I’m very excited about it, we just wrapped last week and I think people will be in for a lot of surprises.”

Meanwhile, creator, Steven Knight, has confidently professed that the fourth series is going to be “the best yet.”

Any new cast members?

1. Adrien Brodie: Oscar winner Brodie has been confirmed for season 4 of the series. Show creator Steven Knight revealed he’s playing Thomas Shelby’s “biggest threat”, and speaking to Metro said: “Adrien plays the threat to the family and possibly the biggest they’ll face,”

2. Aidan Gillen: That’s right, Littlefinger will be joining the cast for the next season. Speaking to Metro, Knight said of Gillen’s role: “Aidan is a sort of, in the face of danger it’s like pressing the nuclear button – you get him to help. Let me put it that way.”

3. Charlie Murphy: Happy Valley‘s Charlie Murphy will also be joining the cast – but there’s no news yet of who she’ll be playing. Speaking about the new cast additions: Knight said “We have a dream team gathered for series four of Peaky Blinders, coming to us for love of the series which is great. Adrien Brody, Aidan Gillen and Charlie Murphy give us a wealth of talent to work with.”

Where did season 3 end?

Having defied the Russians in a jewel heist and blown up a train – all in an episode’s work – season three’s shocking finale saw Polly, Michael, Arthur and John of the Shelby clan handcuffed in the final scenes.

What’s going to happen in season 4?

The show’s likely to pick up where season 3 left off, in 1926, and will probably include that year’s General Strike. Knight explained: “I want to shine the light on the 1920s and hopefully the 1930s, making it a true between-the-Wars family story. I want the family trajectory to continue upwards and for them to become wealthier and more powerful. The only thing I want to do is for Tommy to be knighted.” More unlikely things have happened than hearing “Arise, Sir Tommy Shelby” – 2016, for instance.

Speaking to the BBC about Tommy’s future with his family, Cillian Murphy said: “I think his family think that he’s betrayed them, and it’s up to Tommy to demonstrate to them that he hasn’t betrayed them.”

Has the writing team changed?

Creator and writer Steven Knight has returned to write every episode of Series 4 and 5. “I’m loving it,” he says, “and it’s not like work, it’s not like a labour, I love doing it, and the boys are coming back and they’re loving the scripts.”

What next for Peaky Blinders?

Not to get too carried away before season 4 has even finished filming – but season 5 has been ordered by the BBC. Sadly, the fifth season may well be the last, as Knight only plans to take the Shelbys up to the outbreak of the Second World War. He’s said: “I hope it does run and run all the way up to the Second World War, but it does get harder to get the cast together as the actors are being pulled into feature films. It’s a victim of its own success.”

However,  last year Steven Knight and executive producer Caryn Mandabach said: “We did have a conversation about potentially doing a movie.” What a tease.

Words: Nick Harris