All the questions we want answered in Riverdale season 2

There's less than a week until it's back

Riverdale season one ended as dramatically as it began. After just about wrapping up the storyline, the finale of the teen-Twin Peaks took us right back to square one, with a brand new set of mysteries to unravel. Where season one, which centred around the murder of teenage football star Jason Blossom, brought us death, drugs and (house) destruction, season two is promising to be even darker as family ties break down and darkness threatens to overwhelm the twee town of Riverdale.

Here are all the burning questions that we need answered in the upcoming season.

Who shot Fred Andrews? And is he dead?

The last thing we saw in season 1 was teenage-football-star-cum-musician Archie Andrews tending to his father Fred Andrews, after a masked man burst into a diner and shot him. The cliffhanger left us with a trio of questions: who shot Fred? Was it a deliberate attempt on his life (perhaps a hit man sent by shady businessman Hiram Lodge from jail, after Fred’s affair with his wife) or just an armed robbery gone wrong? And is he still alive?

Has Jughead actually joined the Southside Serpents?

In the season finale we saw series narrator Jughead being inaugurated into the Southside Serpents gang, who present him with a serpent jacket, which he willingly dons. Will season two see the teenager follow his criminal father’s footsteps and join the gang? Or will he forgo a life of crime to walk the path straight and narrow?

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What happened to the long lost Cooper child?

After golden girl Betty’s mother Alice Cooper’s revelation that she had a baby at high school who was put up for adoption – will season two reveal what actually happened to the child? Her son would now be in his twenties, and fans are desperate to know where the eldest of the Cooper ended up – and who the Daddy is.

What’s going to happen to Polly Cooper and Jason Blossom’s twins?

It’s gotta be about time that teenage Polly Cooper pops and gives birth to her twins; but how will it fit into the ongoing Cooper-Blossom beef? Will the tying of the family trees be the thing that unites the two households, or will it cause a further rift?

Are we actually going to address the ridiculously messy family tree?

The finale saw us discover that starstruck young lovers Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper’s Great Grandfather’s were brothers – which makes them third cousins. The two families then cut all ties; but now Polly is preggo with (the now dead) Jason’s twins, so are we ever going to see a happy ending for this clusterfuck of an extended family.

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Will FP Jones get out of jail? And what will happen to the rest of the Jones family if he stays locked up?

Last we saw of leader of the Southside Serpent gang FP Jones was him stuck behind bars. Even though it was revealed he didn’t kill Jason Blossom (which he was initially arrested for), FP remained banged up because of other crimes and refusing to snitch on other members of the gang. Will we see him walk free in season two? And if not, how will his son cope living alone on the outside?

Riverdale season two will be on Netflix from October 12.