‘Rick and Morty’ season 3: release date, trailers, cast, writers and everything you need to know

It's almost time to get schwifty

Wubba lubba dub dub! The first episode of Rick and Morty season 3 has aired, and the rest could be due any day now. We’re expecting to find out the official release date for the whole of the new season very soon indeed, but while we wait, here’s everything there is to know about the third season of the awesome sci-fi animation sensation that is Rick and Morty.

When is Rick and Morty season 3 out?

Episode 1 aired on April 1, 2017. 

On April Fools’ Day, Rick and Morty season 3’s first episode – The Rickshank Rickdemption – debuted on Adult Swim’s website, available only to certain countries, including the US. It acted as an origin story for Rick and his portal gun, but it also saw Rick breaking out of the Galactic Federation prison that he handed himself into at the end of season 2. Here’s a few screenshots from the episode:

Shortly after The Rickshank Rickdemption aired, the below tweet revealed that more of season 3 will air this summer.

For a while everyone thought episode 2 would be out on May 13

The IMDb update below had everyone fooled into thinking we’d be seeing episode 2 soon. It’s called ‘Rickmancing The Stone’ and it was written by Jane Becker, who’s previously worked on The Simpsons and is new to the show this season.

The 18-month delay has been in the animation, said creator Dan Harmon in February 2017. On his Harmontown podcast, he explained that the series is pretty much there – they just need to finish animating it all: “Here’s how cartoons work. First you write them, then you draw them. For a really long time. Everything needs to be on paper, so you can see it. If all I do is write it, and then put it on TV, it’ll look like a script, instead of Rick and Morty, which you seem to like. So when you ask where it is, the answer is: they’re drawing it.”

Why are Rick and Morty fans suddenly obsessed with McDonald’s Szechuan sauce?

Episode 1 of season 3 heavily referenced a the 1998 McDonald’s promotional Szechuan sauce, created to coincide with the release of Disney’s Mulan.

At the end of the episode, Rick says his 9-season objective is to get the McDonald’s Szechuan sauce brought back, and later the show’s Twitter account even got a response from McDonald’s on the matter:

Suddenly, instead of the release date for season 3 of Rick and Morty, fans were obsessed with finding out the recipe of this sauce – and the YouTuber below has done his best to replicate it.

Is there a trailer for season 3?

Kind of.

At the start of 2017, the show trolled fans with a Rick-roll made up of existing clips from the show, stitched together Cassetteboy-style, revealing nothing but the show’s continuing silly sense of humour.

We’ve also been shown a clip of Rick voice actor Justin Roiland getting supremely drunk to method-act a scene where Rick is supremely drunk. We don’t really learn anything about the plot of season 3, but it is pretty funny:

How many episodes will there be?


In January 2016 Dan Harmon appeared at Magic City Comic Con and revealed that unlike season 1, which had 11 episodes, and season 2, which had 10, there’d be 14 episodes in season 3.

What will happen in season 3?

Writer Ryan Ridley has teased a few details about season 3. Speaking on the Y Combinator podcast, he said that things from previous seasons – like ‘evil’ eyepatch Morty – might come back: “we stay true to the idea that the world is real,” he said. “There are consequences.” He added that we’ll be seeing Beth and Jerry’s divorce, which was revealed in the first episode of season 3 on April 1, 2017.

Ridley also revealed that Mr Meeseeks will not be making a return this season. “We’ve talked about how we’d bring back Meeseeks,” he said, “We’d want to really explore a different aspect of it. But that’s one way to do it, right there, is to show what the inside of a Meeseeks box looks like. That would have been really cool.”

What are the episodes called?

Other than The Rickshank Rickdemption, we only know one of the titles so far, thanks to Spencer Grammer (Summer) who shared the front page of episode 2’s script on Instagram. It’s called Rickmancing The Stone and, as we said earlier, it was written by R&M newcomer and Simpsons alum Jane Becker.

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How much has the writing team changed?

It’s got more of a gender balance. Dan Harmon told Den of Geek: “There was a craving for a gender balance in the writers’ room that we had never had. I think it’s like a 50/50 balance now, like in the early days of Community, which is really great. Because I think the important thing about gender in the writers’ room is not representation, it’s balance.”

New to the team is Robot Chicken’s Jessica Gao, who wrote episode 3 – and Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe are also new, sharing writing duties for episode 4.

We also know that Ryan Ridley & Dan Guterman are writing episode 7. They co-wrote the episode where Jerry is asked to give up his genitals to save the life of the galaxy’s most influential civil rights leader (meanwhile, Rick and Morty watch intergalactic TV like ‘Man vs Car’ and ‘Octopus Man’). Their ‘great collaboration’ continues…

Where will season 3 start off?

Viewers may remember that season 2 ended with Rick handing himself into the Galactic Federation, awaiting a lifetime in prison. This is where The Rickshank Rickdemption picked up the story – with Rick being interrogated by the Galactic Federation about his portal gun, and Morty and the rest of the family living under their government. This doesn’t last long because, as Dan Harmon explained: “I don’t think anybody wants to do a third season that simply spends a whole bunch of episodes dealing with a situation that we created at the end of the second season, so I think that’s a non-spoiler way of saying things should be okay pretty quickly.” As you can see in the below tweet, The Rickshank Redemption was recorded a year ago, which is probably why it’s out so much sooner than the rest of the episodes.

Stay tuned for more news about Rick and Morty season 3 – we’ll update this page as it becomes available.