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The Sega Mega Drive Is 25: Play Some Of Its Best Games Online

The Sega Mega Drive was launched in the UK 25 years ago today. Touted as the ultimate arcade-in-your-dope-den machine for people who rightly considered a plumber growing to three times his natural size by chasing down a massive mushroom to be a bit CBBC. Its mascot and brand icon was Sonic The Hedgehog – sexier, slicker and a damn sight speedier than your average plodding platform hero. Until it was crushed into the dirt by the Playstation crashing to earth from Planet Betterthansex, the Mega Drive straddled the divide between cartoonish arcade titles and kidult friendly fighting and movie tie-ins – a battleground between The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle and Alien 3.

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This Drake And Blink-182 Mash-Up Proves There's Still Fun To Be Had With 'Hotline Bling'

Everyone thought Drake's internet rash of a single 'Hotline Bling' must have died a death after Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump – still-leading-the-GOP-polls Donald Trump – appeared in a cringeworthy parody video alongside the beleaguered cast of SNL. That in itself was a very late addition to an already busy roster of famouses who had lined up to take a piece of the Hotline pie.

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