NME Contacts


NME magazine and NME.COM are located at:

NME, 8th Floor, Blue Fin Building, LONDON, SE1 0SU

Please send anything for the NME letters page to the address above or letters@nme.com

Work Experience:

To apply for work experience at NME or NME.COM, please apply via email to karen.walter@timeinc.com with the following information:

  1. A brief informal description about yourself, your ambitions, interests, musical tastes etc.
  2. An up to date CV
  3. A list of preferable dates for your placement
  4. Please ensure the total filesize of email attachments is less than 1MB, larger files will be rejected by our email filter.
  5. Please note: Due to the large amount of applications we receive, it takes between 6-8 weeks for a reply – especially during the festival season!

NB. There are no age requirements, but work experience placements on NME and NME.COM are open to students only.

To subscribe to NME:

Subscribe to the print or digital edition. For back issues of NME magazine please email backissues@johndentonservices.com or visit www.mags-uk.com/ipc

File Attachments

Please avoid sending large attachments as these will either be rejected by our email filter or will clog up limited mailbox space. If you want to send examples of your music to our New Music Editor, please send a link to stream or download the files rather than attaching the file itself.

NME Editorial

(Call 020 3148 + ext)

  • Acting Art Director Tony Ennis
  • Designer Dani Liquieri
  • Digital Designer Jon Moore
  • Production Editor Tom Mugridge (ext 6879)   tom.mugridge@timeinc.com
  • Senior Sub Editors Alan Woodhouse, Kathy Ball
  • Sub Editor Nathaniel Cramp


  • Group Advertising Director Romano Sidoli (ext 3681)
  • PA to Group Advertising Director Kelly Litten (ext 2621)
  • Head of Market, Music Titles Andrew Minnis (ext 4252)
  • Brand Manager Matthew Chalkley (ext 6722)
  • Digital Business Director Chris Dicker (ext 6709)
  • Display Ad Manager Stephane Folquet (ext 6724)
  • Live & Labels Senior Sales Executive Emma Martin (ext 6705)
  • Head Of Project Management Elizabeth Hempshall (ext 6726)
  • Director Of Insight Amanda Wigginton (ext 3636)
  • Regional Business Development Manager Oliver Scull(01618722152)
  • Ad Production Laurie King (ext 6729)
  • Classified Sales Manager Laura Andrus (ext 2547)
  • Classified Sales Executive Tom Spratt (ext 2611)
  • Classified Ad Copy Rosanne Hannaway (ext 2506), Tom Coelho (ext 2672)
  • Syndication Manager Lucy Cox (ext 5483)
  • Subscriptions Marketing Executive Gemma Burnie (ext 6304)

Innovator – Insert Sales

  • Account Executive Emma Young (ext 3704)


  • Group Production Manager Tom Jennings
  • Production Controller Lisa Clay
  • Marketing & Events Executive Charlotte Treadaway (ext 6779)
  • International Editions Bianca Foster-Hamilton (ext 5490)
  • Publisher Ellie Miles (ext 6775)
  • Publishing Director Jo Smalley
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