Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes shows 
us round the very best refuelling stations in his hometown of Sheffield

The Ex Food Truck

Make No Bones

Oli says: “I’m one of the most awkward people ever when it comes to food because I’m vegan and I can’t eat gluten and a bunch of other stuff. A couple of vegan places have poppedup recently in Sheffield and this is the best one I’ve eaten at.”
What to order: “Kentucky fried tofu. It’s not junk food, it’s good soul food with a modern twist.”

The Italian

Italia Uno

Oli says: “It’s a regular Italian place, but they’ve got a really good vegan menu. Usually Italian takeout in Sheffield isn’t the best, but I think they’re genuine Italianswho are really intomaking sure all thedough is perfect,authentic and fresh. It’s a really good place – especially if you’rea vegan.”
What to order: “They do a great vegan pizza.”

Quick vegetarian pizza before we open (just making sure the dough is up to scratch) 😏🍕

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The Indian

The Bhaji Shop

Oli says: “A friend of my dad’s has actually got a couple of them around Sheffield. He prides himself on his bhajis and claims they’re the best in Sheffield or South Yorkshire. They are good, to be fair.”
What to order: “It’s like tapas, so small plates.It’s a cool little vibe. It’s really nice and they change the menu up. But the bhajis are really good, obviously.”

The Posh Pub

Bungalows And Bears

Oli says: “It was the first bar of its kind in Sheffield. It’s a good place to go and they’ve got good events on and stuff. I haven’t been for a while actually, but it has a nice relaxed atmosphere.”
What to order: “Your drink of choice.”

Tuesday's = board games & 2-4-1 burgers @bungsandbears, because that's just how we roll 🍔🐻🙌🏼

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Burger Bar

Burger Lolz

Oli says: “I’m not quite sure why it’s called that, but it’s a vegan burger place and they make these crazy burgers.”
What to order: “These things called Freak Shakes. They’re all the rage – milkshakes that have ice cream and stuff, they do vegan takes on that. They have a vegan Oreo cream shake with peanut butter and bananas. It’s a crazy looking thing. I also had an Indian burger. It was a burger made of cheese, loaded with poppadoms and mango chutney,with an onion bhaji burger base.”

YAAASSS #milkshake #biggerthanmyhead #banoffeemilkshake #banana #peanutbutter #Sheffield #vegan #inhaledit @burgerlols

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