Riffs, Rucks And Reviews – NME's First 63 Years On The Rock 'N' Roll Frontline

As any writer who’s ever refereed the letters page will tell you, nothing boils the blood of NME readers quite like a list. Of what, it hardly matters; music fans rarely need an excuse to vent over the arbitrary and subjective. So it’s fitting that it was an act of list making which first put the New Musical Express – the mongrel offspring of a 1946 merger between two ailing music publications, the Accordion Times and the Musical Express – on the map.

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What Next For Liam Gallagher Following His New Solo Track?

On Sunday evening (July 26), Liam Gallagher surprised punters at JJ Finan's pub in Charlestown, Co Mayo, by turning up to perform an unknown song during an impromptu set. The song, which appears to reference the title of his brother Noel's most recent album 'Chasing Yesterday', has sparked speculation about whether the former Oasis frontman is writing his own solo album. At the end of last year, NME's Tom Howard spoke to friends and experts to ask - what next for rock’n’roll’s dormant volcano?

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At Home With Mac DeMarco: The Slacker Superstar On Love Songs, Obsessive Fans And Following Up 'Salad Days'

Twenty minutes before he’s due to take our call, Mac DeMarco hears an unexpected knock on the door of his house in Far Rockaway on Long Island, right at the edge of New York’s city limits. He looks out of his bedroom window on this warm July afternoon to see two strange faces peering in. “Two kids just rolled up to my house unannounced,” he tells us, with an air of bewilderment. “I woke up to talk to you and there they were, staring at me.”

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Albert Hammond Jr Interview: On 'Momentary Masters', Overcoming Addiction And The Strokes' Future

In London’s Covent Garden, Strokes guitarist/keyboard player Albert Hammond Jr sighs and says: “It’s terrible. Half of you almost wishes the band was over, so you could mourn it, and the other half of you is like, ‘Why are we wasting such an amazing opportunity?’ We are so good together and it’s hard to find that connection with people. I would love to know about the future of the band as much as you would. We would all like to know.”

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