Arctic Monkeys Unveil New Material At Open’er Festival, Poland

See, not all festivals trips have to come laden with the inevitability that within two hours of arriving on site every clothing item you’re wearing is going to be saturated with soak and mud. Look at that sky. Not a cloud in it.


That scene was yesterday (July 2) at the Open’er festival in Gdynia, Poland, where Arctic Monkeys played their first show of the European festival season – also their first since finishing their new album ‘Humbug’.

And while the rain refused to come pouring down to wreck their party, the electricity gremlins were happy to dive head-first into the main stage workings. Half-way through the set ‘Flourescent Adolescent’ cut out and the four-some had to traipse off and twiddle their Polish sausages for ten minutes until action was restored.

Anyway, all that happened is in the Arctic Monkeys news story I wrote earlier. What’s worth noting is that the new songs (four played) sound creepy, intriguing, and almost impossible to assess on a first live listen. A good start to their summer, mind. Reading and Leeds should be swish.

There wasn’t much else going on at the site last night – it’s more of a warm-up night for the next three, a bit like at T In The Park where not all the stages are open on the first night. Although it was quite fun doing a radio interview with a pregnant Polish lady.


We were discussing Crystal Castles – who, after the Monkeys, have the second largest tick next to their names on my festival schedule.

I’ve heard natterings that Ethan has made something resembling an amazing second album, and I’m hoping we get to hear some of it during their 1am show tonight. And even if we don’t Alice is sure to end up wrapping a watering can round the face of some security guard or other, so either way it’ll be worth catching.

I’ll report back…