Faith No More close Open’er Festival in Poland with new material

The Horrors, Daughter, Phoenix and Bastille also played the final day of the event

After having appeared at their Hyde Park show on Friday (July 4) in vicar costumes, Faith No More headlined the final day of Open’er Festival in Poland last night (July 5) on a Heaven-themed white stage filled with flowers.

Emerging in uniform white outfits for opener ‘The Real Thing’, the band launched into a powerful set including an early airing of 1989’s ‘Epic’. The savage pace set by ‘Everything’s Ruined’ and ‘Cuckoo For Caca’ dropped for their cover of The Commodores’ ‘Easy’ but was quickly revived with impassioned runs through ‘The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies’ and ‘Midlife Crisis’.

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As at their Hyde Park show, the band played two new songs, ‘Leader Of Men’ and ‘Motherfucker’, their first new material since 1997. They also introduced ‘Spirit’ with an extended yoga chant and singer Mike Patton joked “You guys want more of this shit? This is your fault,” as they returned for an encore of ‘Falling To Pieces’, ‘Matador’ and ‘We Care A Lot’.

Faith No More played:

‘The Real Thing’
‘From Out Of Nowhere’
‘Everything’s Ruined’
‘Cuckoo For Caca’
‘Digging The Grave’
‘The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies’
‘Midlife Crisis’
‘Last Cup Of Sorrow’
‘King For A Day’
‘Ashes To Ashes’
‘Leader of Men’
‘Falling To Pieces’
‘We Care A Lot'[/b]

Before Faith No More’s show, [a]The Horrors drew by far the smallest main stage crowd of the weekend to their opening set, despite Faris Badwan attempts to rouse the crowd by bringing on one of Faith No More’s flower arrangements and throwing it into the crowd. Open’er seemed unimpressed, the crowd dwindling and the screens displaying many bored faces as the band wound up their set with ‘Still Life’ and a drawn-out ‘Moving Further Away’.

Elsewhere on site, Bastille drew a larger audience for their set on the Here & Now stage and Daughter’s Elena Tonra was moved to tears onstage at the Tent Stage when the crowd loudly picked up the chorus of a song which she fumbled. On the same stage, Warpaint battled early feedback issues to save a set including ‘Undertow’, ‘Composure’ and ‘Bees’ while Phoenix closed the festival on the main stage with a pumping set of epic disco noir including ‘Lasso’, ‘Lisztomania’ and ‘Rome’.