Duff Beer from 'The Simpsons' to go on sale in Chile this week

Real-life product is described as a 'premium lager' with a 'caramel aromatic'

Duff Beer, the fictional brew enjoyed by Homer in The Simpsons, will go on sale in Chile this week.

In recent years, several unofficial drinks purporting to be Duff Beer have become increasingly popular in the South American country, prompting 20th Century Fox to produce an official version to quench the thirst of Chilean Simpsons fans. "Once you see enough piracy, you are faced with two choices. One is deciding to fight it, and the other is deciding to go out [into the market] with it," Fox's Jeffrey Godsick told the Wall Street Journal.

Although the fictional Duff Beer supped by Homer Simpson is known for its shoddy quality, the real-life product is being marketed as a "premium lager" with a "very good balance of flavour and refreshment to it". Godsick added: "It's fairly deep golden in colour. It's got a hint of fruit to it. It's got a caramel aromatic to it."

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An official Duff Beer is already available to buy near The Simpsons' rides at Universal Studios theme parks in Los Angeles and Orlando, but following the Chilean launch, Godsick said "there's potential to have Duff everywhere in the world". However, he also insisted that Homer and other characters from The Simpsons will never feature in advertising campaigns for the product, partly to avoid suggestions that Fox could be marketing Duff Beer to the show's legions of underage fans.

"Duff is inspired by the brand that's in the show, but it begins and ends at that," Godsick explained. "It's a completely stand-alone brand - you will not see any characters from the show involved in the marketing in any way."

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