'Game Of Thrones': Gwendoline Christie says Brienne will 'burst forth' in season six

Brienne of Tarth will have more action than in season five, the actress promises fans

Game Of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie has promised that her character, Brienne of Tarth, will "burst forth" in the new season.

Brienne of Tarth had a relatively uneventful season five as she waited on a distress call from Sophie Turner's Sansa Stark, but Christie confirmed in a new interview that her season six scenes will be more action-packed.

"After season five, people would come up on the street moaning about why wasn't Brienne wasn't doing more," the actress told Entertainment Weekly. "I'd say, 'I'm terribly sorry, I'm not really in charge of that.' I got the scripts for season six and I thought the story was so fantastic. It's really exciting to see Brienne burst forth again."

Christie also suggested that Brienne will come into contact with characters she has never met before, saying: "So many characters for so long had their isolated storylines and as a fan of this show as well, I've been wanting and dreaming - 'I wonder what it would be like to see this person interact with this other person?' And that's what starts to unfold."

The Game of Thrones team have already promised that season six is "the best yet" and contains the biggest battle scene to date.

With the show set to return to screens in the US and UK on April 24, fans are split between avoiding spoilers and actively trying to work out what the new episodes will bring. A number of spoilers have leaked ahead of season six, most recently when Ian McShane talked about the fate of his character after joining the cast for the new episodes.

McShane isn't the only cast member to give away secrets this year. Sophie Turner revealed that her character Sansa Stark won't be killed off in the series while Emilia Clarke may have revealed the fate of character Jon Snow at a recent awards ceremony.

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