James Bond 'Skyfall' director likens movies to 'Doctor Who'

Sam Mendes praises the way both characters can 'regenerate'

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James Bond director Sam Mendes has liked the series to Doctor Who.

Mendes helms Skyfall, Daniel Craig's third outing as 007. And in a new interview, he has compared Bond's longevity to the way the character is able to 'regenerate' just like the Timelord in the BBC sci-fi show.

He told Collider: "What I feel like is, you know, we have Doctor Who, and I was brought up on the idea of Doctor Who, who at the end of his final episode, he dissolves and a new actor pops up and he regenerates and it's a whole other character.

"Sometimes it’s an old man, sometimes it’s a young man, but he just changes. I've always loved that idea." Mendes had been talking about the first time the Bond actor changed, from Sean Connery to the one-off turn from George Lazenby in 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service. He said, "It's commonly considered a neglected classic, and I think it is. I think it's where you see him, as a character, pushed to the edge because he does fall in love and he loses her.

"I think that Lazenby was dealt a pretty cruel hand because he was following Connery who they just did a home run [with] the first time they got to the bat. And then they asked him to do strange things which I thought spoke a little bit of their insecurity, for example, right at the beginning, he turns and says to camera, 'That wouldn't happen with the other guy'."

Mendes continued: "They were playing almost embarrassment, almost apologised for having a new Bond and I thought that was wrong, and one thing I thought they got right was [Craig's debut] Casino Royale. There was a kind of, 'We don’t need Q, we don't need Moneypenny. We've got this character. We're going right back to basics. He's real, he’s in a real situation. Let’s start all over again'. I thought that was very refreshing."

Skyfall is released in the UK on October 26.

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