Joni Mitchell on biopic starring Taylor Swift: 'If she's going to sing, good luck'

Swift was due to play Mitchell in an adaptation of Sheila Weller's book 'Girls Like Us'

Joni Mitchell has shared her thoughts on being played by Taylor Swift in a long-rumoured biopic.

Back in 2012, the 'Shake It Off' singer was in line to play Mitchell in Girls Like Us, a film adaptation of Sheila Weller's book examining the impact of the 'Both Sides Now' singer and her 1970s peers Carole King and Carly Simon.

However, the project has since stalled and last November (2014) Mitchell appeared to take the credit, saying of the planned biopic: : "I squelched that."

Asked once again about being being played by Swift in a new interview with New York Magazine, Mitchell replied: "I've never heard Taylor's music. I've seen her. Physically, she looks similarly small-hipped and high cheekbones. I can see why they cast her. I don't know what her music sounds like, but I do know this - that if she's going to sing and play me, good luck."

Last November (2014), Mitchell released a remastered greatest hits collection featuring 53 songs from her highly acclaimed career. The legendary singer-songwriter's final studio album, 'Shine', came out in 2007.

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