Mel Gibson denies saying that John Lennon 'deserved to be shot'

Actor denies allegations made by writer Joe Eszterhas

Photo: PA
Mel Gibson has denied claims that he said that Beatles' legend John Lennon "deserved to be shot".

The Braveheart actor was accused of making a number of controversial statements by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who worked with Gibson on the doomed script for the film The Macabees.

Following news that work on the flick had been shelved, a letter written by Eszterhas was obtained by The Wrap in which he made a number of extraordinary claims about Gibson's behaviour, including allegations of anti-semitism.

He also claimed that Gibson said:
I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot. He was fucking Messianic! Listen to his songs. 'Imagine'. I hate that fucking song. I'm glad he's dead.

However, according to TMZ, Gibson has dismissed the claims made by Eszterhas, with one source stating: "It's not uncommon to hear The Beatles at Gibson's house."

Gibon's last starring role was in the 2011 film The Beaver, which was directed by, and co-starred Jodie Foster. The film saw him take on the role of Walter Black, a man suffering from depression who finds a way to communicate through the medium of a toy beaver puppet.

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