Russell Tovey live-tweets flight from hell unaware of fellow passengers reading his posts

'Him & Her' actor was on a flight from London to New York

Actor Russell Tovey recently killed time on a flight from London to New York by live-tweeting about one annoying passenger, unaware that other individuals on the plane were following his posts.

Tovey - best known for his roles in 'Being Human', 'The History Boys' and 'Him & Her' - took advantage of the free wifi on board to complain about the person sat next to him.

He wrote that the man had "stolen my blanket and sneezed around about 7 or 8 times", adding that he following a coughing fit the individual went to sleep and began snoring.

After bemoaning his lack of blanket, a fellow passenger on the flight tweeted at Tovey, saying: "I have a spare on in 7A. Interested?"

Tovey replied: "These guys are actually following my tweets from 3 rows behind me!"

The star later went to talk to the fellow Twitter user and his friend before posing for a photo.

See the tweets in full below.

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