'The Walking Dead' Negan actor discusses his character's backstory

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's role was introduced in the S6 finale

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor playing new Walking Dead villain Negan, has hinted at the backstory of his character.

The latest season of the hit US show ended earlier this month (April 3), with Morgan's character introduced in the finale. Fans had been expecting a major character to be beaten to death with a baseball bat by Negan. However, the identity of the character who was killed was not revealed in the episode and fans will have to wait until the next season to find out the truth.

Now Negan's backstory will be told in a 48-page special comic book by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard, serialised in Image+, a monthly catalogue comic book publisher Image Comics. The first issue will be published on April 27.

Actor Morgan has told The Hollywood Reporter that he hopes the comics will influence future episodes of the TV show.

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"I talked to Robert Kirkman after we did [spin-off talk show] Talking Dead, and he is doing the backstory of Negan right now," Morgan said. "But whether or not we see that, and I hope we do, I can't answer that. But hopefully we'll find out more as we go".

Morgan went on to add: "I approach [Negan] like he used to be a used-car salesman. That's what I know, and there's not a lot beyond that. He's a car salesman who has survived as long as Rick and his gang, so what has he done to get there?"


Many fans were left angered by the show's cliffhanger ending earlier this month and later launched an online petition asking TV network AMC to reveal who died.

Morgan has revealed that he was unaware of the cliffhanger at the end of its Season 6 Finale until its latest episode was broadcast.

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