Ever since the dawn of MTV made the possibilities and influence of music videos seem infinite, what used to be an extra promotional tool has become a veritable art-form in itself. From Michael Jackson's innovative 'Thriller' epic to Blur's heartwarming milk carton movie for 'Coffee & TV' and MIA's more recent, controversial promo for 'Born Free', the music video has come into a life of its own. Here, we celebrate 100 of the best: how many have you seen?

90Doo Wop (That Thing)

Released: 1998
Director: Big TV
A split screen perfectly mirrored the track's retro chorus and very modern verses. Also pre-dated Amy Winehouse chic.
Best bit: Lauryn Hill doing her best 'Diana Ross' with a bouffant do.

89Don't You Want Me

Released: 1981
Director: Steve Barron
It's all too easy to mock it now, but this film-within-a-film was pretty groundbreaking at the time, with nods to French New Wave and classic Hollywood fare like 'A Star Is Born'.
Best bit: Susan Sulley's finest moment; pacing towards the camera in a mac.

88Shock The Monkey

Released: 1982
Director: Brian Grant
The morale of this video is; inside every well dressed business-man is a bald, white faced monkey-man waiting to get out. We couldn't agree more.
Best bit: At the end when Gabriel's two personalities have merged into one. Eek.

87Learn To Fly

Released: 1999
Director: Jesse Peretz
The nicest guy in rock gets his funny on in several different guises. Watch out too for an appearance from Jack Black as the guy who put the pot in the coffee.
Best bit: When tween Grohl fan (played by the man himself) meets actual Grohl.

86Rabbit In Your Headlights

Released: 1998
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Sort of like an extreme take on 'Bittersweet Symphony', Glazer directs this haunting picture of urban dystopia featuring a man walking through traffic. The bloke's clearly forgot his green cross code. Doh!
Best bit: When he finally pummels a car and goes totally 'X-Men' .

85First Day Of My Life

Released: 2005
Director: John Cameron Mitchell
A simple idea; getting people to listen to the track and gage their reactions. It works really well and, depending on your disposition, will either make you well up or reach for a bucket.
Best bit: The guy who looks like Kramer from 'Seinfeld' and his reaction.

84Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do

Released: 2010
Director: Mary Fagot
Intense, 3D/interactive coolness from Robyn, as fans got to add in their own Tweets (via the hashtag 'killingme') to the laundry list of complaints in the song. Slave to the algorhythm.
Best bit: That you need 3D glasses to join in.

83Been Caught Stealing

Released: 1990
Director: Casey Niccoli
From the drag-queen kleptomaniac to Perry Farrell covered in panty-hose, this is a line up of suburban outcasts and weirdos.
Best bit: When the 'lady' sticks something very large up 'her' skirt.

82Salt In The Wound

Released: 2010
Director: Pendulum
Billed as the world's first 360 degree video, it's like what would happen if Ne-Yo 'The Matrix' had a puffa jacket.
Best bit: The green, spinning rave circles.


Released: 2010
Director: Carl Burgess
All human life is here, and it gets creepier as the moments go on and the steam rises and the morphing goes out of hand. Whatever drugs they were on, we don't really want any, thankyouverymuch.
Best bit: The older lady with the leather jacket, she's the scariest of them all.

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