Ever since the dawn of MTV made the possibilities and influence of music videos seem infinite, what used to be an extra promotional tool has become a veritable art-form in itself. From Michael Jackson's innovative 'Thriller' epic to Blur's heartwarming milk carton movie for 'Coffee & TV' and MIA's more recent, controversial promo for 'Born Free', the music video has come into a life of its own. Here, we celebrate 100 of the best: how many have you seen?

80Round The Moon

Released: 2010
Director: Summer Camp
By re-editing scenes from the 1970 film ‘A Swedish Love Story’, we get a promo and story-line that totally fits into Summer Camp’s John Hughes- in debt aesthetic.
Best bit: The two leads' pre-pubescent eyes meeting over a steaming dancefloor.

79Teenage Riot

Released: 1988
Director: Sonic Youth
The musical ‘teenage riots’ that The Youth pay tribute here range from Patti Smith and Dennis Wilson to Minor Threat and Nick Cave.
Best bit: When Patti Smith gets ready to leap out, cat like, from the screen.


Released: 2008
Director: Saam Farahmand
Creeping flesh, bare torsos and vibrating cheeks — Saam proves he's the master of subtle menace.
Best bit: The vibrating neck bit.

77Janie's Got A Gun

Released: 1989
Director: David Fincher
'Se7en' director Fincher creates this brilliantly stylised mini movie-like tale of sexual abuse and revenge.
Best bit: The powerful shots of "Janie" running through traffic.

76It's Oh So Quiet

Released: 1995
Director: Spike Jonze
Jonze goes for old Hollywood glamour but does so in a particularly Bjork-ian way. So much so that you feel like you're inside the Icelandic pixie's head.
Best bit: The amazing Bjork backflip.

75Silver Lining

Released: 2007
Director: Autumn de Wilde
Art imitating life here, as the real life band ex’s Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett play a couple whose happy day goes pear shaped.
Best bit: When Jenny flees the wedding. Watch it on YouTube.

74Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Released: 1983
Director: Russell Mulcahy
Something’s not quite right in this boarding school. Oh, it’s the fact that the pupils are all..ex pupils in more ways than one…
Best bit: When we see the choir with no eyes.

73You Only Live Once

Released: 2006
Director: Samuel Bayer
Is it a space ship or a mental asylum? The Strokes get covered in a black jet of oil, lovingly shot close up. In retrospect, a bit like a metaphor for their recent inter-band relations. (It's a mental asylum isn't it?)
Best bit: Near the end when they are pretty much drowning but are up for one last chorus. Watch it on Youtube.


Released: 1991
Director: Andy Morahan
9 minutes of fame paranoia courtesy of Mr Axl Rose at his most bombastic. It features a SWAT team, actual dolphins and a massive Slash guitar solo. Need we say more?
Best bit: The dolphins don’t want Axl to kill himself. So they save him.

71My Name Is

Released: 1999
Director: Phillip Atwell, Dr Dre
Marshall Mathers would never be this carefree and slapstick again. Too many unpleasant funnies to mention, including references to ‘The Brady Bunch’, Marilyn Manson and Bill Clinton.
Best bit: That uncanny Marilyn Manson impression.

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