Ever since the dawn of MTV made the possibilities and influence of music videos seem infinite, what used to be an extra promotional tool has become a veritable art-form in itself. From Michael Jackson's innovative 'Thriller' epic to Blur's heartwarming milk carton movie for 'Coffee & TV' and MIA's more recent, controversial promo for 'Born Free', the music video has come into a life of its own. Here, we celebrate 100 of the best: how many have you seen?

40Bastards Of Young

Released: 1986
Director: Unknown
Showing a single, unbroken shot of a speaker – supposedly playing the track – The Replacements should be celebrated for their simple, anti-big-budget-promo stance.
Best bit: When the listener smashes the speaker at the end. Rock ‘n’ roll!

39Karma Police

Released: 1997
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Apparently this video concept was initially pitched to Marilyn Manson, but he turned it down. Seems more suited for Thom's haunting vocals, anyway.
Best bit: The fact that you can't see who's driving the car makes it even creepier.


Released: 1996
Director: Walter Stern
Some parents thought this video, filmed at the abandonned London Underground tunnel of Aldwych, would be too scary for their kids to see, so it was banned from a few channels.
Best bit: Keef's mental dancing, of course.

37Blue Orchid

Released: 2005
Director: Floria Sigismondi
Karen Elson (who married Jack soon after this shoot) nearly gets trampled by a horse, and Jack looks like an evil Willy Wonka.
Best bit: Meg smashing plates as she drums away with hammers.

36Raspberry Beret

Released: 1985
Director: Prince
For 1985, this video’s special effects and animations were earth-shatteringly impressive. Now, not so much.
Best bit: The cloud suit. Where can we pick one up?


Released: 2010
Director: Jake Nava
If Kanye set out to make himself look like a monster, then it definitely worked. Hanging bodies, naked corpses of models in his bed, bloody severed body parts… you might not want to spend a night at Kanye’s, girls.
Best bit: Kanye's diamond teeth.

34Like A Prayer

Released: 1989
Director: Mary Lambert
It’s a blasphemous cross between Pinocchio and Sister Act. It caused a massive uproar of controversy upon its release, but we can’t knock Madonna – she was at her peak back then.
Best bit: Oh wait, it was all a play?

33Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

Released: 1987
Director: Tim Broad
Here we see the Moz riding around on a bike near the Salford Lads Club. Unfortunately, the video was banned by the BBC at the time of its release due to the mass murder reference.
Best bit: They're all wearing Smiths shirts - and have awful haircuts.

32Bittersweet Symphony

Released: 1997
Director: Walter A. Stern
One of the 90s' most depressing anthems gets a suitably epic yet morose screen partner. Here, Richard Ashcroft walks backwards, ignoring people, traffic and anything that gets in his way, with only some dampened spirits to keep him company. Cheer up, lad.
Best bit: Be honest – even though there’s no Reese or Ryan in sight, you see their faces the entire time.

31Straight Outta Compton

Released: 1989
Director: Rupert Wainwright
There's a police chase, as the cops try to arrest the members of N.W.A. Ahh, Compton.
Best bit: Yea, it’s a great video. But most importantly, it’s not Gwenyth Paltrow making an abhorrent attempt to sing the song.

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