Ever since the dawn of MTV made the possibilities and influence of music videos seem infinite, what used to be an extra promotional tool has become a veritable art-form in itself. From Michael Jackson's innovative 'Thriller' epic to Blur's heartwarming milk carton movie for 'Coffee & TV' and MIA's more recent, controversial promo for 'Born Free', the music video has come into a life of its own. Here, we celebrate 100 of the best: how many have you seen?

30Fit But You Know It

Released: 2004
Director: Dougal Wilson
Remember printing actual photos? Ah, those were the days. Well, thanks to Mr. Skinner, the concept of physical photographs can forever live on.
Best bit: If you look hard enough, you can also spot cameos by Danny Dyer and Frank Harper of ‘The Football Factory’.


Released: 2010
Director: Saam
YouTube isn’t experiencing technical difficulties. Those dancers in the background are repeating most of their moves. Simple and beautiful, just like the song. Best bit: When you realise how the dancers's subtle changes alter everything at the end.


Released: 1996
Director: Jesse Peretz
The video showcases the life of the popular kids in high school. Want to get their look? The video was styled by Andrea Linett (former editor of Sassy magazine and founder of Lucky).
Best bit: How many of you wish your lessons were taught by Matthew? He appears to be an excellent tutor.

27Knights Of Cydonia

Released: 2006
Director: Joseph Kahn
It’s got a star-studded cast, along with cowboys, an apocalypse, robots and a woman on a unicorn.
Best bit: The band appear as a hologram in the bar, not to be upstaged by anything else in the video. And rightfully so.


Released: 1995
Director: Spike Jonze
There's a man running down a street, while ablaze with fire. Not much happens, but it’s enough to leave us bewildered.
Best bit: Is he waving to people as he’s running past a fire hydrant? Might be more useful if he tried to use it…

25Turn The Page

Released: 1998
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
The video follows a woman (played by porn film actress Ginger Lynn Allen) who is forced to prostitute herself to raise her young child. It’s a sad one to watch, but it’s tastefully done.
Best bit: The tender hug between the mum and her daughter at the end.


Released: 2004
Director: Marc Webb
They’re the band that keep giving back to their fans. Some MCRmy-ers were invited to partake in the video, serving as mourners of the late “Helena”.
Best bit: The corpse come alive to dance ballet. Could make quite a good Tim Burton film.


Released: 1996
Directors: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
If you’re feeling reminiscent of the ‘90s, watch this video – it’s full of bowl haircuts and Dr Martens. Beats the original concept of an alien hotel and alien-elephant masks.
Best bit: The “Proud Parents Of A ‘D’ Student” bumper sticker (at 0:53)

22Heart Shaped Box

Released: 1993
Director: Anton Corbijn
Ever wondered what went on in Kurt Cobain's mind? We're hoping it went something like this.
Best bit: There are so many, but the singing crows at 1:09 make us laugh every time we watch it.


Released: 1999
Director: Jake Scott
We all know Gwen’s become a fashion icon, especially since launching her own clothing label. But this video earned her band the Most Stylish Video award at the 1999 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards
Best bit: Gwen’s rave make-up. Although nowadays, it’s got nothing on Gaga’s slap.

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