Sure, it's great to leap out of the starting blocks, but a really timeless album will bow out with just as much finesse as it began. Here are 30 records with classic closing tracks - as picked by you.

30Red Hot Chili Peppers, 'Road Trippin'

Sarah Sharman went for 'Road Trippin' on 'Californication'. "The Chili Peppers have only performed this song live four times!! Why?!" she asks.

29The Gaslight Anthem, 'National Anthem'

Harry Ford ‏opted for 'National Anthem' by the Gaslight Anthem which, he says, "ends the rocky 'Handwritten' with a melancholic acoustic song... it's beautiful."

28Childish Gambino, 'That Power'

Dermot O'Donnell ‏went for 'That Power' from Childish Gambino's 'Camp'. "Really ties the album together with a story from his childhood," he said of the laid-back track.

27Guns N'Roses, 'Coma'

Guns N Roses' 'Use Your Illusion I' is "not a great album" but has "an outstanding final anthem" in 'Coma', says Twitter user Gee.

26Glassjaw, 'Convectuoso'

Glassjaw wrote this song 'Convectuoso' for their album 'Worship and Tribute'," says Heather Bryant. "It didn't make the cut because of a dispute with their old label Roadrunner. Which is a shame, 'cos it's one of the most arresting tracks ever - a sad, sombre puzzler of a song." The track did, however, end up on 'Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence'.

25Buzzcocks, 'Moving Away From The Pulsebeat'

NME reader Helen X ‏meanwhile had this to say: "it's the Dada-esque ascending bleep closing to Buzzcocks 'Another Music In A Different Kitchen' for me."

24Deftones, 'Pink Maggit'

Deftones' 'White Pony' closer 'Pink Maggit' is "as haunting as they come" says Ryan Steele. "I wish they hadn't done that bonus edition of the album with another song - 'The Boy's Republic' is a great track but the album should end there."

23Radiohead, '4 Minute Warning'

Danny Schulzki was another of you who suggested a Radiohead track. "'4 Minute Warning' on the 'In Rainbows' bonus disc wraps evening thing up perfectly."

22Muse, 'Megalomania'

Jesper Kihlberg ‏was one of many to suggest Muse's massive 'Megalomania', which closes 'Origin of Symmetry'. "Epic, just epic. Even more so at Reading Festival 2011," he wrote.

21Damon Albarn, 'Heavy Seas of Love'

"A closing song that is just as strong as the opener makes me replay the whole album," Brett Harned. "Damon Albarn's 'Heavy Seas of Love' does that."

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