The Welsh heroes have had tonnes of hits - but which are the best?

40'There By The Grace Of God' (2002)

Nicky Wire: “Grey. Dour. And a mistake because we had a track called ‘Forever Delayed’ which would have been an amazing single.”

39'Revol' (1994)

Nicky Wire: “Bizarre, utter mess. Great lyric but bad song.”

38'She Is Suffering' (1994)

Nicky Wire: “Puppets, rag dolls, the worst video we ever did. But I did say to James ‘This could be our ‘Every Breath You Take’.”

37'So Why So Sad' (2001)

James Dean Bradfield: “The Christmas single we never had. The Avalanches remix should’ve been the single.”

36'Empty Souls' (2005)

Sean Moore: “It’s a nice shiny sparkly, lovely video. But that was it really.”

34'Strip It Down' (1990)

Nicky Wire: “Clash rip-off. Live it’s brilliant.”

33'Autumnsong' (2007)

James Dean Bradfield: “‘Autumnsong’ is the women’s workout song for the noughties.”

32'Life Becoming A Landslide' (1994)

James Dean Bradfield: “I was trying to mix Iron Maiden and The Clash’s version of ‘Armagideon Time’.”

31'Slash ’N’ Burn' (1992)

James Dean Bradfield: “Sean didn’t like it because I sang ‘[i]decadence[/i]’ too Welsh.”

30'The Everlasting' (1998)

Nicky Wire: “The title just about sums that song up.”

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