From guest stars to gigs, soundtracks to spoofs - loads of your favourite TV shows have included some priceless musical moments along the way. Here are 50 of the best.

50Don goes to a Rolling Stones show in Mad Men

Harry and Don take a Saturday night trip to a Rolling Stones gig to meet with Stones manager Allen Klein about appearing in a commercial. Instead, they end up on a memorable trip following two young female fans of the rockers, getting a glimpse into a bohemian world they don't understand.

49The Beastie Boys cameo on Futurama

The rap trio perform at "Madison Cube Garden" where there’s “an old-fashioned moshpit, just like 1999... again!". You've gotta love Bender's live review of the show: “I think this qualifies as ‘ill’ - at least from a technical standpoint.”

48The National sing in Game of Thrones

Florence and the Machine had been HBO producers' first choice to sing this haunting nocturne in the show, but it's hard to imagine the English singer bringing the same sinister edge as Matt Berninger and company managed. Chilling stuff.

47The Friday Night Lights score

Trail of Dead, Outkast, Explosions In The Sky, Jose Gonzales... the soundtrack to 2007 TV sports drama Friday Night Lights is as eclectic as it is excellent. Great show too.

46Chas and Dave appear in Only Fools and Horses

Although they are frequently miscredited as writers of the iconic theme song, this was actually written and performed by the shows creator John Sullivan. The ‘rockney’ duo did appear in the show later though, performing ‘Margate’ during the credits of the episode Jolly Boys' Outing in Margate.

45Dylan's song 'In The Moonlight' (Do Me)' in Modern Family

"Maybe, maybe, maybe I just wanna do you/do you wanna do me?" That Dylan, what a charmer.

44CJ does 'The Jackal' on The West Wing

Politics isn't such a serious business after all, it turns out - just ask the characters at the heart of US White House drama The West Wing, who gather to watch CJ give a performance of this Ronny Jordan rap funk classic in one unforgettable sequence.

43'Wonderwall' on Girls

Hannah sings the Oasis classic in the bath. Britpop reaches Brooklyn.

42Regina Spektor's Orange Is The New Black theme

With all the wit and charm of the show it soundtracks, Regina Spektor's Orange Is The New Black theme is a cracker.

41Lorde in South Park

Notable for the episode itself – in which Stan’s dad claims he is Lorde, complete with “I am Lorde, ya ya ya” impression – and for the real Lorde’s reaction to it: a video of the New Zealand musician singing the spoof clip went viral shortly after.

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