A quartet who didn’t so much take influence from the trailer trash halycon days of ’90s indie rock as dive head-first into its sharks-in-leather-jacket-infested waters and gleefully bathe in the swathes of muddied sonic H20. Sure, their debut dug deep into the combined, low-slung, tunneling DNA of messrs Mascis, Moore and Malkmus, but this wasn’t pure parody. Frontman Daniel Blumberg created a wholly believable (and transcendent) fiction that was his own. Over an Aberdeen-flavoured sky, his lyrics poked out like unhealthy diary doodles, filled with insolent pain, sweetness and an air of eternal angst. The band created a sound which was authentically brazen, naive and measured. As an album, ‘Yuck’ was such a joy because these moments of perfectly judged memorandum were laid against the likes of ‘Suck’ and ‘Stutter’, woozy, sunscaped tunes that suggested we’d just scratched the skin of what was to come. PE

NME: What are you proudest of with this album?
Daniel: “I think that because it’s our first album, and the fact that we made it from nothing – I’m proud of that. I mean, I didn’t really know Marika and Johnny, and then we were in a band together. And I’m proud that we’re still friends now!”

Why do you think the album struck such a chord with people this year?
“I’m not sure really. It wasn’t expected. I don’t know. It’s always so difficult to tell. Because we just started the band, it felt really fast. 
I always think of the band starting and the album as the same thing – so it was quite unexpected. It was really nice.”

What’s your own favourite album of 
the year?
“I think Bill Callahan’s ‘Apocalypse’. I really like the Pure X album ‘Pleasure’, and A Grave With No Name. The Kurt Vile album too.”

Would you change anything about ‘Yuck’ now?

“I’ve always liked the idea of doing something and then not revisiting it. Once it’s done it’s done. We did our best.”

What’s next for you?
“We’ve been touring pretty much constantly. So as soon as we get back, we’ve got loads of ideas and things recorded and stuff. That’s mostly what we think about every day – making albums and making music.”


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