Frontman Tim Wheeler eats a heart in this video directed by Alex Turvey. And he's quite a messy eater.

Best bit? You probably won't feel too hungry after you watch this.


Directed by Patrick Rood, we see a guy playing his sax all over the city - from a café to a stoop with dancing girls and ice lollies, he goes everywhere.

Best bit? Playing the sax has never looked so fun.


It's got more bright colours than a rainbow on acid. Don't watch if you get easily queasy from flashing lights. Directed by the collective known as Skinny.

Best bit? Think of all the fun they must have had washing all that body paint off after the shoot.


Directed by Crystal Castles' own Ethan Kath, along with Rob Hawkins, it's set in a cemetery (London's Abney Park Cemetery to be exact), with little kids from London College Of Music playing violins while standing aside tombstones. Could it be any creepier?

Best bit? While Alice Glass is rolling around in the grass singing, Ethan's smearing black stuff on his face.


The only thing more exciting than 'Tron: Legacy' being released is the fact that Daft Punk contributed to the soundtrack.

Best bit? Despite doubling as a film trailer, it doesn't feel like one. Just features some badass stunts and effects.


The girls of Warpaint defy the laws of physics as they play with fire in their video, directed by Adam Harding and Burke Robert.

Best bit?When they do some weird choreography in the woods at night.


It's like Magritte's painting coming to life in the video directed by Radical Friend.

Best bit?Looks like he's gained a gang of multi-coloured headless men.


It's fast food mascots gone wild! Directed by Nicholaus Goossen, this video sees Colonel Sanders make out with a stripper, Jack In The Box snort coke and Wendy pole dancing.

Best bit? They lick food off of Jack's head. This makes Grum's "food porn" concept look amateurish in comparison.


Directed by Scott Cudmore, this video's full of face paint and tribal singing.

Best bit? Watch to the end and you'll see it rain tiny balls of fire.


Do you like pole dancing puppets? Apparently Sia likes being one, according to this Kris Moyes-directed video.

Best bit? Well that depends on your preference, really. She also plays a brick-layer, a koala bear, an airplane and a frog, amongst other puppety critters.

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