40Nice Guys

We Are Scientists man Chris Cain shot this video for the band's single 'Nice Guys'. Frontman Keith attempts to show off his skills on a micro scooter in this home-made promo.
Best bit? Keith gets attacked by a zombie in a fountain at the end.

We Are Scientists - 'Nice Guys'
Video: We Are Scientists - 'Nice Guys'

39Dog Days Are Over

Directed by Georgie Greville and Geremy Jasper (LEGS), we see Florence as a shamanic leader of an orchestra and, according to the direction duo, each musical element of the song is personified by a group of characters.
Best bit? Where else will you find a fiery redhead dancing in clouds of colourful smoke, face paint and fur?

Florence And The Machine - 'Dog Days Are Over' Video
Video: Florence And The Machine - 'Dog Days Are Over' Video

38Spanish Sahara

You wouldn't really expect the video for a track titled 'Spanish Sahara' to be filmed in an icy tundra, but that's what director Dave Ma did with this video - and it worked so well.
Best bit? It's so epic that it fits perfectly with the haunting track from Yannis and co.

Foals - 'Spanish Sahara'
Video: Foals - 'Spanish Sahara'

37The Answer

Ray Winstone talks about being hit by lightning as a child in this video directed by John Hillcoat, the man behind ‘The Road’.
Best bit? This beautifully moving video really adds a new perspective to life.

UNKLE - 'The Answer'
Video: UNKLE - 'The Answer'

36Can’t Shake This Feeling

Grum's new video brings a new meaning to the term 'food porn', as it sees a series of half naked girls stuff baked beans, sandwiches and other gourmet delights down their gullets in a messy orgy. Directed by The General Assembly.
Best bit? If you're into food porn then, well...enjoy!

New Grum Video - 'Can't Shake This Feeling'
Video: New Grum Video - 'Can't Shake This Feeling'

35Super Gum

It's got an ET-like creature doing rather inappropriate things with aristocratic looking humans. It's so extremely weird, it's good. OK, we can't give all the credit to Tobacco - the clip's from a 1995 German film, 'Extra Terrestrian: Die Ausserirdische'.
Best bit? You'll never look at ET the same way again.

34Left Of Centre

Weird wiry bugs and animated claymations are just the beginning of this video directed by Tawd Dorenfeld. It's a whole hodgepodge of strange...but what else would you expect from Serj?
Best bit? A girl texting someone the message, "just 8 a burrito LOL."

Serj Tankian - 'Left Of Centre' NME Exclusive
Video: Serj Tankian - 'Left Of Centre' NME Exclusive

33When I'm With You

We know Best Coast must get the munchies sometimes, but we didn't realise they loved fast food that much. This video directed by Pete Ohs shows Cosentino's love affair with the Mickey D's clown.
Best bit? They've managed to sneak another cat into their work.

32Madder Red

One of the more WTF? videos of 2010, we see Kristen Bell star alongside some weird sick, puss-oozing creature. Directed by Andreas Nilsson.
Best bit? Kristen's on-screen love interest has moved on from Russell Brand to this critter.

Yeasayer - 'Madder Red'
Video: Yeasayer - 'Madder Red'

31Radar Detector

Ace Norton directed this bizarre video for the equally bizarre curly-haired singer.

Best bit? Deez's extremely awkward dancemoves are slightly overshadowed by the fact that he's wearing a gasmask attached to a small plant, while floating in the cosmos.

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