20Drunk Girls

James Murphy gets dressed like a girl, beaten up, sprayed with champagne and bombarded with firecrackers in this video he co-directed with Spike Jonze.
Best bit? He still somehow looks less of a mess than some drunk girls do.

LCD Soundsystem - 'Drunk Girls' Video Promo
Video: LCD Soundsystem - 'Drunk Girls' Video Promo

19I Feel Better

Directed by comedian Peter Serafinowicz, we see some bald-headed alien being who vomits killer light beams that attack a boyband onstage.
Best bit?The bald-headed alien then gets attacked by a big floating head with lasers shooting from its eyes.

18Beautiful Dangerous

Ever thought you'd see Fergie straddling Slash? Well now's your chance, thanks to director Rich Lee.
Best bit? It was all Fergie's idea. Says Slash, "She said, 'I have the idea of me stalking you,' and had that idea firmly in her head."

Slash - Beautiful Dangerous (Uncut) - Promo Video
Video: Slash - Beautiful Dangerous (Uncut) - Promo Video

17This Too Shall Pass

The band known for their music videos somehow managed to top their prior ones with this impressively elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque machine. It took 55 to 60 people and more than 60 takes over the course of two days to get it right, but this became the ultimate viral music video.
Best bit? Watch it 'til the end and you won't be disappointed. There's even a cameo of their treadmill dancing.

OK Go - 'This Too Shall Pass'
Video: OK Go - 'This Too Shall Pass'

16Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)

Co-directed by Roboshobo and frontman Gerard Way, we see the band battle weirdly-masked villains, only to be defeated in the end.
Best bit? At least they look like they're having a hell of a lot of fun while on the run.

My Chemical Romance - 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)' Music Video
Video: My Chemical Romance - 'Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)' Music Video

15Get Some

Well this video certainly shows the raunchier side of the Swedish singer. Directed by Johan Söderberg, we see Lykke Li in a black and white kaleidescope-like setting as she grabs her crotch and sings "get some".
Best bit? This is a whole new side to the singer.

Lykke Li - 'Get Some'
Video: Lykke Li - 'Get Some'

14Heathen Child

Nudity, guns, fire, dancing soldiers and Hindu gods...Nick Cave's latest video, directed by John Hilcoat, is just one long string of weird.
Best bit? It makes Hilcoat's 2009 post-apocalyptic film 'The Road' look like a sunny walk in the park.

Grinderman - 'Heathen Child' NME Video Exclusive
Video: Grinderman - 'Heathen Child' NME Video Exclusive

13The Wilderness Downtown

Now this one brings the concept of a music video to a new level. No longer can half-naked girls suffice for a good video. This interactive short film by Chris Milk uses technology to bring each user a personalised, interactive video set to the music of Arcade Fire.
Best bit? Feeling nostalgic for your hometown? Using Google maps, this video sets the scene right on your old street.

12Blind Faith

Nostalgic for late-night raves at warehouses? This video will either make you wish you were at one, or make you glad you're not. Either way, take a clubbing journey with Chase & Status.
Best bit? This is only the censored version. Want to see what really happens at those parties? Go to chaseandstatus.co.uk to find out.

11Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do

It's not that cool to watch if you don't have a pair of 3D glasses, so go find some and click here to watch.
Best bit? It's interactive, as well. Using the lovely world of Twitter, users can Tweet their biggest annoyances, along with "#killing me", and see them at the bottom of the video. Go let off some steam to Robyn.

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