Nope, you're not having a bad trip. This video directed By Ewan Jones Morris is just really fuzzy, repetitive and full of flashing bright colours and floating dog heads.
Best bit? It's good, just don't watch if you can't handle strobe lights.

Islet - Ringerz
Video: Islet - Ringerz

9Ain't No Grave - The Johnny Cash Project

A special project created in memory of the late Johnny Cash, fans have been able to contribute their own drawings to compose the singer's final music video. With over 250,000 contributions from 172 different countries, this is a beautiful, interactive gift from his fans.
Best bit? You can still participate, if you haven't already. Click here to add a drawing, as the video is an on-going project.


Andy Bruntel from the Director's Bureau directed this disturbing video of rotting corpses and killer rocks.
Best bit? It's so confusing that it doesn't really need to make any sense at all.

Liars - 'Scissor' Video Exclusive
Video: Liars - 'Scissor' Video Exclusive

7Twin Flames

Directed by Saam Farahmand, the band get naked to cavort with girls as their bodies morph together. Basically a soft porn ‘Human Centipede’.
Best bit? The initial shock of seeing Jamie Reynolds and co, stripped, conjoined and humping away as a two-backed beast.

Klaxons New NSFW Video For 'Twin Flames'
Video: Klaxons New NSFW Video For 'Twin Flames'

6Born Free

A video so scandalous that it's been banned from YouTube, MIA shocked the world when she released this video of ginger genocide. Directed by Romain Gavras, it's got nudity and extremely graphic violence. Click here to watch it.
Best bit? If you can stomach it to sit through the entire thing, then good on you.


Jamie Hewlett directed this desert car chase video, starring the lovable animated characters of the band and Mr. badass himself, Mr. Bruce Willis.
Best bit? It broke records and was viewed 900,000 times in its first 24 hours.

4We Used To Wait

It's a classic concept, but it works so well. Directed by Terry Gilliam, this video is live footage from the band's summertime concert at NYC's Madison Square Garden venue.
Best bit? If you've never had the chance to see Arcade Fire live, this video will certainly make you feel like you have.


Swedish director Jonas Akerlund returned to work on a second video for Gaga (after 'Paparazzi'). The result was nearly ten minutes of product placements, a Thelma and Louise storyline, bizarre outfits and some uniquely Gaga-esque dance moves.
Best bit? It proved Gaga doesn't have a dick. Looks like she's finally settled that debate.


Directed by Canadian artist Marco Brambilla, this video is, according to Kanye, a "moving painting", inspired from Michelangelo's artwork in the Sistine Chapel. Best bit? We all know Kanye's got a bit of an ego, so it seems fitting that he's standing at the center of this shrine-like masterpiece.


Directed by Wendy Morgan, this video takes place at the Palace of the Dogs, an insane asylum where the likes of Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix were once admitted to.
Best bit? It inspired a whole new dance craze - probably the best one since Soulja Boy...which is a welcomed change.

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