2011 has been a memorable year for music video. From Best Coast to Beyonce, Azealia Banks to Arctic Monkeys, here's our pick of the most arresting audio-visual moments of the year.

50'Bizness '

This is probably what everything looks like in Merrill Garbus’s mind – flashy colours, lots of dancing, ridiculous facepaint and a world made of paper trees and teepees – or at least we hope so.
Best bit: The little kids dancing around at the beginning – because what little kid doesn’t want to spend their schoolday doing just that?


You can’t really make a video for a song called ‘Abducted’ without an abduction, can you? It kicks off with a woman, with her hands tied, sprawled out on an open road, and then we see backwards flashbacks explaining the story.
Best bit: At the end, the abductor and abductee swap roles – either representing some kind of deep metaphor, or it’s part of a really weird kinky fantasy. Either way, this video’s quite beautiful to watch.

48'Call Your Girlfriend'

This video might have actually worked better for her song ‘Dancing On My Own’ (for obvious reasons – she’s dancing on her own). But dang girl, you can dance. It’s one of the simplest video concepts we’ve seen all year, but she makes it work.
Best bit: Her little smile for the camera at the end.

47'Yes I Know'

Ever wondered what like would be like if you were Gumby or Gromit? If you were made of clay and your entire body eventually disintegrated? This video is quite heartbreaking, but the effects are pretty darn admirable.
Best bit: When the flock of birds form the shape of the word “GONE” at the same moment the guy’s body disappears.

Memory Tapes - 'Yes I Know'
Video: Memory Tapes - 'Yes I Know'

46'When I'm With You'

When you hear this song, don’t you just dream of lounging on the beach with your loved one letting the summer breeze fly through your hair? Here, Best Coast take having the munchies to a whole new level, documenting a love story with fast food.
Best bit: When Bethany’s beloved cat makes a cameo at the end. You just can’t keep those two apart.


If you’ve ever wanted to ditch work early and wreak some havoc around town, then this video’s for you. (And by wreak havoc, we mean slapping on ridiculous masks and purchasing photos of old ladies at yard sales).
Best bit: When they knock down all the records in the shop and replace it with their own. Street teamers, take note. (Not really).

Wild Flag - 'Romance'
Video: Wild Flag - 'Romance'

44'Rill Rill'

It’s another one of those ‘what the hell is going on here?’ videos. Alexis is driving around with her seemingly-dead bandmate propped up and then she suddenly shoves him out of the moving car. In a weird flashback, we see her in some poltergeist-ridden high school where there’s a séance raging in her locker.
Best bit: Her mockery of class photos. If only they let us pose with crows in real life.

43'Girl Panic!'

Nearly ten minutes in length, this short documentary/film shot at London’s Savoy Hotel was deemed too sexy for telly. But frankly, it’s not half as naughty as some of the other videos that we’ve seen this year. Forget the blatant product placements – it’s a great little nugget of a music video.
Best bit: Naomi Campbell fronting the band (as Simon Le Bon), of course.

Duran Duran - 'Girl Panic' (Mildly NSFW)
Video: Duran Duran - 'Girl Panic' (Mildly NSFW)


Y’know how kids have nightmares about monsters lurking in their rooms at night? Imagine waking up and finding Tyler, The Creator hovering over you with a facemask on, writing on your mirror with lipstick. Scarier than the Boogeyman, eh?
Best bit: The cop’s doodle of a goblin. Or Tyler’s kitty cat tee. It’s a toss-up.

41'Lovers Lane'

You don’t really have to get this band to appreciate this video. Embrace a bit of ‘60s nostalgia and travel back in time to the weirdest high school shindig around.
Best bit: When a hand crawls out of the punch bowl. Talk about spiking the drinks at prom…

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