2011 has been a memorable year for music video. From Best Coast to Beyonce, Azealia Banks to Arctic Monkeys, here's our pick of the most arresting audio-visual moments of the year.


In which Marina ditches her first incarnation in favour of the beach blonde Electra Hart, heads to the Californian desert and throws her own one girl dance party in a supermarket aisle before running off with a beardy bloke for some more diner-based fun.
Best Bit: The animal masks.

Marina And The Diamonds - 'Radioactive'
Video: Marina And The Diamonds - 'Radioactive'

39'Better Off Without You'

Elizabeth and Jeremy continue their broken hearted scrabble through teen pop culture Americana with this split screen video. It’s half mournful looks to the camera and half early 70s ‘found footage’ which eloquently illustrates their trashy aesthetic.
Best Bit: The dual shots of the crazed dance-off.

Summer Camp - 'Better Off Without You'
Video: Summer Camp - 'Better Off Without You'

38'When The Night Falls'

You can always trust dudes that use ladies’ legs as keyboard stands to make good videos. Dave 1 and P-Thugg take their own Zapp & Rogers-influenced disco funk’s cheese factor and raise it, adding in cliched chase scenes, knowing glances, and even more vocoder action.
Best Bit: When the female dancer gives birth do a discoball.

Chromeo (featuring Solange) - 'When The Night Falls'
Video: Chromeo (featuring Solange) - 'When The Night Falls'

37'Last Friday Night (TGIF)'

A bubblegum sweet, neon-drenched tale of sanitised debauchery full of nerds, jocks, and some industrial-sized braces – plus of course Hanson, Corey Feldman, the one and only Kenny G and, erm, Rebecca Black. Hey, A+ for effort anyway, there are enough jokes take your mind off the tune.
Best Bit: The frantic sax parps midway through.

36'All Of The Lights'

Soundtracking perhaps the best cut from Kanye’s fucked up dark fantasy it’s a masterpiece of fonts (which is way less graphic designer nerdy when you actually watch it), strobes, police lights and of course Rihanna with her baps almost out. It’s almost enough to make Kanye look cool.
Best Bit: The neon KANYE when the vocals start. Rampant egotism as its best.


Visionary newish director Sam Pilling has created clips for everyone from Wu Lyf to Riz MC but it’s this bizarre horror show of a promo that really struck us this year, which alternates between abstract and explicit to create a real sense of unease.
Best Bit: The smoking tap at the end.

34'How Come You Never Go There'

A very Fever Ray-esque promo sees Feist frolic in some wind ravaged woods, sporting long black tresses like Neil from The Young Ones if he let his hair grow for a couple of millenia. Artful, monochrome and utterly enchanting.
Best Bit: The spooky wind howls.

Feist - 'How Come You Never Go There'
Video: Feist - 'How Come You Never Go There'

33'Hunny Bunny'

The band play up the sepia-tinted, sun-drenched,fast car and pavement poser-filled streets of LA for a quick frolic along the freeways before an impromptu forest gig. Tongues in cheek, yes, but a fiting accompaniment nonetheless. And at least it’s got less boy-on-boy oral than ‘Lust For Life’.
Best Bit: The fireworks, first kiss, and flares ninety seconds in.

Girls - 'Honey Bunny'
Video: Girls - 'Honey Bunny'

32'The Look'

Cute looking pigeons play bumper cars while Metronomy do their thing in this simple but sweet promo. It’s a strangely compelling couple of minutes, like watching pigeons in the real life English riviera but way less depressing.
Best Bit: When the bird nicks the phone and smashes it up like a demented crack addict.

Metronomy - 'The Look' Music Video
Video: Metronomy - 'The Look' Music Video


TVOTR’s nine minute promo displays the band’s dry humour at its best, as the group meet up in a diner after a fictional hiatus to talk straight-faced about the ludicrous hobbies they’ve pursued in the interim, including impersonating Prince.
Best Bit: When Dave Sitek starts talking about the Bush Administration On Ice show.

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