Cartwheels! Wild swimming! Baseball! Cut fruit! This video has it all. A nostalgic amber-tinted romp through the fields and through memories of summertime love affairs, it’s a sweet straight up video, a perfect complement to the song’s uplifting melodic hooks and just what we need as Britain slumps in another winter of discontent.

Best Bit: The gymnastics, obvs.


Solo Gossip girl does full on Madonna tribute with this black and white homage to ‘Justify My Love’ (not to mention the dancers actually vogue-ing). It’s all done with a black and white, stylish charm and Ms Ditto looks like she’s never had so much fun.

Best bit: Beth doing possibly her first synchronized dance routine.


Is Tropical augment their recent slice of frenetic disco punk with awesome footage of a bunch of pre-teens shooting each other’s guts out with toy guns, before engaging in fist fights, drug deals, and mega explosions.

Best Bit: When the cartoon explosions start, thirty seconds in, just as the galloping synths leave the starting blocks.


We’ve pretty much all been there – losing someone we love, suffering from a bit of a financial catastrophe… But when it looks like this guy’s about to give up, he’s visited by the ghosts of his past to make him value his life again. It’s like It’s A Wonderful Life, condensed into a modern-day music video.

Best bit: When the dog’s eating a slice of pizza.


Here we see Lykke Li dancing around a posh restaurant by herself, with people trying to restrain her and return her to her seat. Whether Lykke Li is meant to be slightly deranged or just a bit strange, this is an extremely powerful video.

Best bit: The moment Lykke’s dinner companion finally joins her to comfort her.


It’s like Los Camp! sat around in a room, thinking of the most ridiculous forms of torture, and ultimately decided they wanted to masochistically suffer from all of them themselves. It seems quite funny until you realise the ultimate torture here is being forced into marriage.

Best bit: The sunburn in the shape of a pineapple – the ultimate revenge?


Wu Lyf soundtrack their simple scene of a gang of kids jumping a fence in a bid for freedom, leaping into an unknown future. Simple, effective and pretty stirring stuff.

Best bit: The jumping the fence.


Touching at the core of Anthony Gonzales’ twin themes of lost childhoods and being, well, a bit creepy. The cinematic video for ‘Midnight City’ is stunning with nods to ‘Carrie’, ‘Village Of The Damned’ and more.

Best bit: When the kid lifts the trailer off the ground.


Minaj makes her fairy godmother alter ego come to life in this high gloss, Cinderella story made flesh. Drake plays the role of the ‘Handsome Prince’ showing off his amazing chemistry with the rapper (whilst Nicki shows off her dodgy Mockney accent).

Best bit: When Nicki and Drake front like the reigning king and queen of hip hop.


Anyone for tennis? A cheeky, geek chic bit of fun, which is as amusing as the song is short. And kudos to them for attempting to make bowling look sexy…

Best bit: The rain of tennis balls.

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