As epic as anything you could imagine. Herds of bison run through a desolate landscape of canyons collapsing, all with the no-expense spared energy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Really we wouldn’t expect any less.

Best bit: The sideshot of the bison running.


This video perfectly complements this song's driving-through-the-woods vibe, with Kurt traversing through a deserted, snow-flecked urban scene guitar in hand, like some sort of indie pied piper.

Best bit: That wonderful shot of Vile playing his acoustic whilst outdoor footage is projected on him.


How much of love is real and how much of it is imagined? This is the question that comes to the front of TVOTR’s ‘Will Do’ video. Here the members dissolve into their own romantic fantasies using strange virtual headgear.

Best bit: The very end where we realise that it wasn’t real.


The double entendres in this video are so numerous that we’re getting in a tizzy just thinking about ‘em. The licking of the bulbous ice cream scoops (dripping cones!) and more isn’t what makes the video so great though. It’s also the breakneck speed edited series of colourful sensual/surreal images that ping at you.

Best bit: The lady carrying the person size ice cream.


The Lips play dumb, corrupt New York cops on the beat, in this hilarious promo for the snappy slice of Ramones-like punk pop. On the back of this we think that, at the very least, the band should get their own 30 minute sitcom.

Best bit: When “sergeant” Alexander covers himself in police tape.


The Foos continue their brand of iconic, funny videos with their tribute to Michael Douglas’ ‘Falling Down’ . Tipped over the edge by a traffic jam, an obnoxious kid and Coldplay bumper stickers, Grohl is the vigilante railing against petty bureaucracy, with lol-tastic results.

Best bit: The golf buggy in the water.


A simple and effective piece story telling from the singer/songwriter. This is a brilliant bit of film encompassing the feeling of living with the unreality of former fame. Emmy ambiguously plays the daughter/ carer/spirit of the main actress’ delusional former showgirl.

Best bit: The taking off the make up, de-masking scene.


Calvi’s traffic stopping visual presence is paired with a mesmerising modern dance routine that’s all ruffled bed linen and raucous Sapphic undertones.

Best bit: The shadow scenes with the black sheet.


Like ‘Skins’ on acid, Ri-Ri’s video was permanently on music channels throughout the land for good reason; it is an artful mini-movie of a promo, an ode to crazy, youthful love.

Best bit: Our sick never looked as pretty as hers.


Another “simple, bold and effective” video. ‘Aroused' is filled with shots of pretty models (filmed in loving black and white) saucily lighting up and blowing out puffs of smoke. Yes we know smoking isn’t suppose to be cool but in ‘Aroused’ it’s not only cool but really really sexy.

Best bit: The first shot of the model smoking.

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