Now we're over halfway through the year, we thought it was high time we looked back and rounded up the most exciting new acts to surface in 2010.

Here, then, are the 50 bands who've blown our minds over the past few months. Do you agree with our choices? Let us know who we've overlooked over on the Radar blog. You can also listen to every band on the list via our Soundcloud player.

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Katy B


From: London.

NME said: "A Brit School graduate who has sung guest vocals with Magnetic Man, Katy B is London's premier (only?) dubstep-influenced singer-songwriter.

Essential Track: 'Katy On A Mission'



From: London/Brighton.

NME said: “Where post rock meets post dub step and seraphim weep.”

Essential Track: 'Would Know'.



From: Toronto.

NME said: “John O’Regan moves and shrugs like the coyest girl at secondary school, but sings like Ian McCulloch. He’s got Presence.”

Essential Track: ‘Wait And See’.



From: Queensland, Australia.

NME said: "Touted by Marcus Mumford as the most inspiring new band around."

Essential Track: 'The Darkest Side'.






From: New York.

NME said: "This boyfriend-girlfriend duo are forging a wholesome-but-haunting new lo-fi pop territory, buoyed by 60s melodies, bodged bleary production sonics, and the liberal use of glockenspiels."

Essential Track: 'Oh My God'.


From: London.

NME said: "They trade in joyous nostalgia carried by fleeting synths and Elizabeth Sankey's heartfelt vocal. Superb."

Essential Track: 'Ghost Train'






From: Manchester.

NME said: “Thunderously melodic and machine-tooled.”

Essential Track: 'Wonderful Life'.






From: London.

NME said: "A UK rap talent the nation can be proud to call its own."

Essential Track: 'Look What The Cat Dragged In'.



From: Los Angeles.

NME said: “The coolest goth in yonks.”

Essential Track: ‘Night’.



From: Manchester.

NME said: “EHH are the first prime example of the potentially genre-free brilliance of a new generation utterly spoilt for choice by new media’s relentless splurge.”

Essential Track: ‘Wild Human Child’.


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