We present the most wired, warped and whacked-out long-players of all time.

Our 50 druggiest albums ever as a Spotify playlist

50The Libertines (2004)

Ah, the sublime frailty of ‘Music When The Lights Go Out’, one of rock’s most fragile and beautiful concoctions! How it sort-of-almost makes up for the fact that smack and crack had collaborated to blow P-Do’s larynx out of his arse, making him sound like a pissed Old Man Steptoe next to Carl Barât’s suave lothario tones.

Or that he had to have all his guitars played for him because he could barely drag his crack-encrusted unlovely bones to the studio most days. “Have we enough to keep it together?” queried the boys on hit single ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’. Er…

49Be Here Now (1997)

Contrary to Noel’s claims, Oasis didn’t lose it down the drug dealer’s living room. They lost it once they’d got the tanker of gak back to the studio and spunked it up the wall on 10-minute ‘I Am The Walrus’ pastiches, Bowie-raping plodathons and getting Johnny Depp in to play the carrots (or whatever).

Perhaps, to give listeners the full ‘Be Here Now’ experience, they thought that if they made every song excruciatingly long the CD would spin slow enough to snort lines off as it played. Liam loved it, apparently, but in Noel’s own words, this was “the sound of a bunch of blokes on coke, in the studio, not giving a fuck…”

48Oracular Spectacular (2008)

How much acid were MGMT taking around their debut album? Naked gig amounts of acid? Album sleeves dressed as Kevin Rowland and Jim Morrison gone ‘native’ on a Goan mushroom farm in 2056 amounts of acid?

Let’s just say they probably thought ‘Of Moons, Birds & Monsters’ was a hard-hitting piece of social reportage.

47Nevermind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols (1977)

The sound of one narky man taking one narky drug, while Steve Jones’ overclocked guitar lines chewed their faces off in the background.

46The Chronic (1992)

On NWA’s ‘Express Yourself’, Dr Dre cautioned that weed was “known to give a brother brain damage”.

Hard to think of a bigger volte-face than making your debut solo album all about getting really stoned and naming it after the strongest weed on the block.

45Surfing The Void (2010)

After the scrapped studio sessions Klaxons must have wondered what it would take for them to finish album two.

It turned out to be ayahuasca, aka ‘the grid’, which split their minds open to new psychoactive visions of eggs and other trippy nonsense.

44The Doors (1967)

Jim Morrison’s Coleridgean visions of crystal ships and Oedipal love triangles were the best part of the trip – the acid burning brilliant pathways through his lobes, long before the booze put puffy rings around his eyes.

When he sung the word ‘higher’ on The Ed Sullivan Show, a million teenagers had found their Lizard King.

43Methodrone (1995)

He’s reportedly on the wagon these days. And meditating on it, too. But in 1995, Anton Newcombe droned on like a stoned party bore as he cooked up his own takes on the drone-heavy oeuvre of those other great substance-enjoyers: Jason Pierce and Spacemen 3.

42Miss E... So Addictive (2001)

The title was hardly beating around the bush – Missy left that to the pilled-up dirty sex-euphoria grind, which contained more chemical sex sweat than Klaxons’ sofa cushions.

41Appetite For Destruction (1987)

If Pete Doherty is on a life-long mission to demonstrate that the more smack you take the shitter you get, Guns N’Roses’ debut proved that precisely the opposite can apply.

Axl and co delivered a milestone in modern rock, despite top-hatted guitar hero Slash being so nuts-deep in the LA heroin scene he was literally in the room when Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe ‘died’ in ’87. And GN’R have been pretty much a pile of spandex pants since.

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