Stuck for ideas this Christmas? Got loads of people to buy for but lacking inspiration? Then let NME guide you through the Top 100 essential Christmas gifts 2010.
From CDs to DVDs, books, games, gadgets, merch and more, we've trawled the net for present ideas that will amuse and delight. And maybe you can treat yourselves to a few too.

80The Mighty Boosh On Tour: Journey Of The Childmen (£12.93)

A behind-the-scenes look at the massively successful The Future Sailors Tour, this new film sees Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt at the top of their game, and includes bundles of extras including the delightfully-named HIV The Musical with Martin Freeman.

79Tim Minchin: Ready For This?

Musical comedian Tim Minchin waxs comical on everything from rationalism to comedy during this live show at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo.

78Bill Bailey: Dandelion Mind (£12.93)

The greatest-haired comic in the business deals with everything from ash clouds to Michael Winner, and treats us to a variety of musical interludes that included excursions into Iran hip-hop and short bouzouki solos.

Bill Bailey - Live Clip - Love Song (NME Exclusive)
Video: Bill Bailey - Live Clip - Love Song (NME Exclusive)

77Ricky Gervais Live IV: Science (£12.93)

Ricky Gervais was recently picked by David Bowie to headline the latter's Highline festival, and this fourth installment of his lo-fi stand-up show proves why.

76The Inbetweeners Series 3 (£11.93)

Will, Simon, Neil and Jay attempt to navigate their way through sixth form with as little humiliation as possible, and maybe even get laid in the process. The Inbetweeners return for a hilarious third season - perfect for Christmas Day afternoon when everyone else has nodded off.

75Family Guy Season 9 (£16.91)

With 15 episodes with added too-rude-for-TV stuff, 48 deleted scenes, and 12 creator, cast and artist commentaries, the ninth Family Guy boxset has something for everyone, except perhaps the Daily Mail reader in your life.

7424 Season 8 (£32.99)

Day Eight unfolds within New York City as Jack Bauer continues his rampage to save the world in the latest series from the Emmy Award-winning show. The DVD boxset comes packed with extra features including some fascinating films on how they created the virtual NYC.

73Star Wars Clone Wars Season 2 (£22.97)

Season 2 of the animated Star Wars mini series sees battle rage between forces good and evil, and the DVD boxset contains plenty of featurettes to see you through the festive break alongside a 64 page production journal.

72The Vampire Diaries Season 2 (£29.99)

Another installment of the hugely popular TV series, which sees Mystic Falls' vampire populaton joined by werewolves. One for any Twilight lover you know.

71Peep Show Series 7 (£11.99)

This needs no introduction - one of the funniest shows on the box. The seventh series might just be their best yet too.

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