Stuck for ideas this Christmas? Got loads of people to buy for but lacking inspiration? Then let NME guide you through the Top 100 essential Christmas gifts 2010.
From CDs to DVDs, books, games, gadgets, merch and more, we've trawled the net for present ideas that will amuse and delight. And maybe you can treat yourselves to a few too.

20iPod Shuffle (£35)

Apple's MP3 players continue to get smaller and smaller and their latest shuffle is little over postage stamp-sized, yet it still packs 2GB of memory and 15 hours of battery life.

19GEAR4 House Party 4 (£79.99)

Whack your MP3 player into this portable beast and it will chugg out 30 watts of noise - perfect for, as the title might suggest, house parties.

18Yamaha DD65-K Digital Drum Machine (£159)

Boasting eight drum pads and two foot pads, this laptop-sized machine will allow budding Keith Moons to practise paradiddles all day long without risking the ire of any square neighbours.

17Tonium Pacemaker Pocket Size DJ System (£169.99)

This amazing piece of kit is the equivalent of two turntables, a mixer, an effects unit and every record you've ever owned, all miniaturised into the palm of your hand. Which means you can practise your Daft Punk moves anywhere.

16Polaroid Two Instant Digital Camera (£129.99)

Combining all the features of a modern digital camera with the old school capabilities of the classic Polaroids, this new device allows you to print your pics on the go. Ideal for gigs and festivals.

15Nikon Coolpix Camera With Built-In Projector (£200.59)

The world's first camera with a built-in projector allows you to throw your images onto any flat surface, from bedroom walls to buildings - pretty cool.

14Sony Bloggie Touch (£174.99)

Brand new to the digital world, Sony's Bloggie Touch is an easy to use touchscreen camera with a built-in USB and software for easy online upload. Take videos and photos with this high-quality gadget, available in pink, silver or black.

13Engraved iPad (£429)

Show someone they're really special by buying them their own iPad this Christmas, and engraving your own personalised message on the back at the Apple Store.

12Sony E Series Walkman (£77.95)

A nifty 4GB MP3 player with built-in karaoke function in one sleek bright red package. The battery lasts 50 hours too so you'll never run out of music.

11XMI X Mini II Speaker (£12.99)

At thirteen quid, this portable speaker packs considerable punch for your pound. Use it to blare out choice tunes at parties, in the bathroom, at festivals or - if you really want to annoy people - on the bus home.

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