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The Cool List 2010 was originally published in the 23 October issue of NME.

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75Rivers Cuomo, Weezer

He used to be mad as a box of spanners, but the grand vizier of geek-rock has mellowed with age - and the world has come round to his way of thinking. In an age where a film about Facebook tops the box office, we are all geeks now.

And the ecstatic reaction that greeted Weezer at Reading/Leeds this year suggests the band's stock has never been higher.

Weezer Interview Backstage - Leeds Festival 2010
Video: Weezer Interview Backstage - Leeds Festival 2010

74Lewis Bowman, Chapel Club

With a voice that's more stern and passion-filled than Count von Count remonstrating with a parking warden, Bowman invests Chapel Club with boundless gravitas.

Meanwhile, his band prove that the age-old formula of big tunes, long faces and Jesus & Mary Chain-style feedback never stops being awesome.

Chapel Club - 'All The Eastern Girls' Acoustic
Video: Chapel Club - 'All The Eastern Girls' Acoustic

73Caitlin Rose

Like a younger Lucinda Williams (much younger - she's 23), Rose has a plangent quality to her voice that belies her age. And her lyrics are so clear-eyed.

Take this couplet from 'Shanghai Cigarettes': “Trying to quit will make you wish you didn’t start / ‘Cos the pack is as empty as the hole in your heart”.

72James Blake

Part producer, part dubstep singer-songwriter, James Blake is another London-based artist - Katy B is another - who's spinning underground dance music into something fresh, exhilarating and highly listenable.

James Blake - 'Limit To Your Love'
Video: James Blake - 'Limit To Your Love'

71Bradford Cox, Deerhunter

With yet another mind-expanding album under his belt in the form of 'Halcyon Digest', Bradford Cox has been so good for so long, we're in danger of taking him for granted.

70Soulja Boy

Even collaborating with pop goblin Justin Bieber on 'Rich Girl' hasn't quite dented Soulja Boy's aura. A man of ineffable swag, his upcoming album 'The DeAndre Way' (rumoured guest spots: Kanye, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg) looks likely to confirm him as hip-hop's best-connected young star.

69Matt Bellamy

He goes out with a movie star (Kate Hudson) and plays guitar like a Jimi Hendrix for the Virgin Galactic age. Not even the fact that Muse contributed a song to that lame Twilight film can diminish our admiration for their outrageously gifted frontman.

Muse - 'Resistance'
Video: Muse - 'Resistance'

68Nathan Williams, Wavves

For a man who's supposedly king of the new slackers, Williams gets up to his fair share of mayhem, whether it's getting in a brawl with one of Black Lips or enduring a drug-induced meltdown onstage in Barcelona. He's shambolic and unpredictable, and we like that.

67Avi Buffalo, Avi Buffalo

His Twitter feed suggests he's the most upbeat man on earth, and while his song titles might be a little odd ('Summer Cum', 'Five Little Sluts'), there's nothing crude about the beautifully crafted songs that make up Avi Buffalo's debut album.

Avi Buffalo - 'What's In It For?'
Video: Avi Buffalo - 'What's In It For?'

66Cher Lloyd, X Factor

66. Cher Lloyd off X Factor. Why is she in the Cool List? Allow Jaimie Hodgson to explain.

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