As Pete Doherty's frequent court trips will attest, musicians aren't above the law. But as Pete Doherty's frequent court trips will also attest, musicians sometimes get it in the neck more than most. Here are 40 of music's most controversial moments - some good, some bad and some very, very ugly...

40Prince changes his name

What happened: Hot on the heels of his 1992 ‘Love Symbol’ album and greatest hits, Prince changes his name to an unpronounceable symbol, leading a confused record-buying public to call him: ‘TAFKAP’ (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince).

39‘Paul is Dead'

What happened: An article titled ‘Is Beatle Paul McCartney Dead?’ was published by a student newspaper in Iowa linking together a series of supposed subliminal messages on Beatles albums which suggested the bassist was, in fact, dead. The rumour grew until a press officer had to issue a statement denying Macca’s death.

38Eminem 'kills' Kim

What happened: Following ’97 Bonnie & Clyde’ this was the second track which charted Eminem’s stormy, real life relationship with wife Kim. In ‘Kim’ he verbally abuses her before killing her and dumping her body in the boot of his car. Ladies, he’s a keeper!

37Michael Jackson burns his hair

What happened?: MJ’s hair caught fire during a freak accident which occurred whilst shooting a Pepsi ad. A fireworks display went wrong, setting fire to his hair. He suffered second and third degree burns to his head and scalp.

36Metallica vs Napster

What happened: The band discovered their entire catalogue was available for free on the peer-to-peer site. They fired a copyright lawsuit against the company along with singling out Metallica fans and getting them banned from the site.

35Elvis joins the army

What happened?: At the height of his fame, Elvis received a letter telling him that he had been drafted. He was inducted into the army on January 20, 1958 the same day he was due to start filmingKing Creole. His career would take a decade to recover.

342 Live Crew banned

What happened: Following the release of single ‘Me So Horny’ and accompanying album ‘As Nasty As They Wanna Be’, record retailers were arrested for selling the LP, after it was deemed ‘obscene’.

33Bjork attacks reporter

What happened?: Arriving at Bangkok International Airport she attacked a reporter. Later she said that she was tipped over the edge when reporters started talking to her son, who was accompanying her on the long-haul flight.

32Judas Priest blamed for suicide

What happened: Two teens killed themselves after listening to Judas Priest, so the band went to court after being accused of being complicit in the suicide. The apparently subliminal message of ‘do it’ in the song ‘Better By You, Better By Me’ was singled out. The case was dismissed.

31L7 chuck a tampon

What happened: The band were forced to cut their set short at the Reading Festival short following technical difficulties. The crowd began throwing mud and an angry frontwoman Donita Sparks removed her tampon on stage, throwing it into the crowd saying: "Eat my used tampon, fuckers”.

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