For when 'The White Album's stark simplicity just doesn't cut it, here are 20 gloriously surreal album covers to twist your melon.

20Crosby, Stills & Nash – 'Live It Up'

Though ‘Live It Up’ was a commercial flop, the cover image of this strange piece of album artwork was nothing if not perky. Unfortunately, if you don't own the record, it's currently out of print, so you'll have to admire petite men clambering aboard sausage-topped picks on the moon someplace else.

19Rolling Stones' - 'Let It Bleed'

Delia Smith baked the cake on this famous cover, which is topped with both delectable cherries and miniature band members. A nice idea in theory, but we’re not sure that a tiny Keith Richards would have very much nutritional value.

18Miles Davis – 'Bitches Brew'

Davis' pioneering 1970 album saw an injection of electronic sounds enter his jazz arrangements, and this idea of fusion plays into the swirling imagery of the album cover. German artist Mati Klarwein also worked on Hendrix and Santana album covers.

17Airborne – ‘Curved Air’

How many vital organs does it take to make a prog album? Seemingly not many, as Airborne’s cover for ‘Curved Air’ featured them as floating heads and arms, suspended in space. The record, however, was a commercial flop and one of the last of two albums featuring multi-instrumentalist Stewart Copeland, who soon joined The Police.

16Supertramp – 'Breakfast In America'

Designed by Mike Doud, the through-the-window style cover depicts actress Kate Murtagh enthusiastically carrying a glass of orange juice. Behind her lays a white cityscape made up of egg cartons, an ashtray and various pieces of crockery. We’ll just stick to a bacon sarnie, if that’s alright with you Mike.

15Yes – ‘Relayer’

This icy, reptilian landscape was the work of Roger Dean, who was in high demand as a sleeve artist during the progressive rock era. You'll find some of his other mystical landscapes on album-covers from Gentle Giant and Ramases.

14Holy Ghost – 'Dynamics'

The 2013 album cover – which features two human/tiger hybrid people passionately kissing - is a copy of artist Robert Longo's piece 'Strong in Love'. The artist is renown for capturing power and movement and wrestling them into 2D formats.

13Nick Drake - 'Pink Moon'

Island records picked the artwork for Nick Drake's third and final album, which was actually completed by his sister's friend Michael Trevithick. The sleeve features a floating teacup, a rocket hitting a cheese moon and what something that looks like an abstract drawing of a uterus with the face of a sad clown. Instant classic.

12David Bowie – 'Diamond Dogs'

The 1974 concept album from the controversial pop chameleon David Bowie initially featured a bow-wow-Bowie hybrid on the cover, complete with canine genitalia. RCA records withdrew the record, however, and demanded that the controversial 'addition' be airbrushed out.

11Pink Floyd - 'Wish You Were Here'

It was hard to pick one of Pink Floyd's captivatingly bizarre album covers, but ‘Wish You Were Here' features a flaming guy in a suit, which is always a winner. Storm Thorgenson was the man in charge again here, and has also worked with legends including Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin and The Mars Volta.

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