Keeping the thrill of a live performance when putting it onto tape is a tricky art - here are 50 live albums that have absolutely nailed it.

50Tom Waits - 'Glitter And Doom Live'

Why it's so good:The album has 17 songs, spanning his entire career, pieced together from a whole slew of international live performances, and it's got enough of his playful commentary that it makes you feel like you're at one of the shows.

49My Morning Jacket - 'Okonokos'

Why it's so good: A lethargic but epic extended set from the Kentucky space rockers comprises perhaps the best use of the Fillmore's stage this side of the millenium. Crowd banter is played down over woozy jams to mesmerising effect.

48Metallica - 'S&M'

Why it's so great: It's a heavy metal band, backed by the San Francisco Symphony - get the title now? And it was the last Metallica release to feature bassist Jason Newsted.

47Wilco - 'Kicking Television: Live in Chicago'

Why it's so good: It's got music from four different live shows at the Vic Theater. Since the band decided not to release video footage on DVD, if you want to re-live the night (or pretend you were there at all), this is the ticket.

46The White Stripes - 'Under Great White Northern Lights'

Why it's so good: Not only is it their only live album, but it's also a film, documenting the band's summer tour across Canada. Its mix of onstage and offstage footage makes us wish even harder the pair were still going.

45The Cramps - 'Smell of Female'

Why it's so good: Their first live album has originals and covers (including 'Faster Pussycat' and 'Psychotic Reaction'). The album artwork's got a great photo of lead guitarist Poison Ivy posing in front of the world famous venue.

44Talking Heads - 'Stop Making Sense'

Why it's so good: There's also an accompanying film with the same title. The nine-track album spent a whopping 118 weeks on the Billboard 200 Chart, and a re-mastered, 16-track re-mastered version was released in 1999.

43Iggy And The Stooges - 'Metallic K.O.'

Why it's so good: It contains part of their final live performance (until 2003) and Iggy's infamously vulgar 45-minute version of 'Louie, Louie'. Might not be the same as seeing him go mad on stage, but it comes close.

42Future Of The Left - 'Last Night I Saved Her from Vampires'

Why it's so good: In addition to performing songs from their debut album 'Curses', they also unveiled four new ones during that tour ('Drink Nike', 'Distant Jabs At A Soul', 'V.D.F.A' and 'Cloak The Dagger').

41Simon And Garfunkel - 'The Concert In Central Park'

Why it's so good: Even though it was recorded years after the two had parted ways, it was a beautiful reunion, recorded at a free concert in front of more than 500,000 people. They even sang duet versions of some of Simon's solo tracks.

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