Damon Albarn has written some of the greatest songs of this generation. So get yourself down to the lo-o-o-o-o-cal, pull up a chair and flex your Blur muscles with a reminder of some of Damon's finest lyrical missives.

25'There's No Other Way'

"You're taking me up when I don't want to go up anymore/ I'm just watching it all"


"I need something to remind me that there's something else"


"Jubilee slouches in the settee/ He's losing all will to move/ He's gone divvy, too much telly/ He's watching 24 hours of rubbish"


"I don't like this day/ It makes me feel too small"

21'On The Way To The Club'

"And I just wanna be, darling with you/ The music's made that way"

20'Under The Westway'

"Bring us the day they switch off the machines/ 'Cause men in yellow jackets are putting adverts inside my dreams"

19'Colin Zeal'

"Looks at his watch - he's on time, yet again/ He's pleased with himself/ He's pleased with himself/ He's so pleased with himself"

18'Girls & Boys'

"Avoiding all work 'cos there's none available/ Like battery thinkers/ Count your thoughts on 1 2 3 4 5 fingers"

17'He Thought Of Cars'

"Moscow's still red, the young man's dead/ Gone to heaven instead/ The evening news says he was confused"

16'Strange News From Another Star'

"All I want to be is washed out by the sea/ No death star over me won't give me any peace"

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