Summer is finally here, so what better time to ask a load of musicians to name the sunniest tunes known to man?

Here, then, are 40 essential summer songs, as chosen by a panel of artists, including Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, Madonna and Oasis.

40Summer In The City

"Why? Simple really. It repeats the word "summer" several times in the song and talks about things being hot."


"I'd go with anything from their first record. It's not exactly summery or breezy, but it reminds me of a good time."

38Sit Down

"I may have been swayed subliminally by the fact I've just seen them play at Latitude, but this song always puts me in a summer mood, makes me want to go outside and drink beer."

37So Hot (Wash Away All My Tears)

"Spacemen 3 are one of my favourite bands and this always reminds me of the sweltering New York City summer.”

36When I Think Of You

"The key word is ‘fluffy’. Summer for me is seeing a cute girl blocking the glaze of the sun with her head, a corona of gold embracing her big, blonde, fluffy hair. Then we both run in slow motion across fields, playing, laughing, not having a care in the whole world. This song captures all that.”

35White Light/White Heat

“I never go out in the summer. Once April starts, people go out like dogs, so I stay in. Summer is hell. There are a few songs that remind me how horrible summer is. Like The Velvet Underground’s ‘White Light/White Heat’. It says it all in under three minutes.”

34That Summer Feeling

"It’s a really summery, happy sounding record, but it’s actually one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. The chorus goes on about how ‘that summer feeling’s gonna haunt you the rest of your life’, it talks about all the great things about summer, but how nothing in your life will ever compare to them."

33Strawberry Letter 23

“It has a groove that is impossible to match, and the lyrics make you feel like you’ve started peaking on the best X ever. Shuggle Otis is the beast for hot, sweaty fuck sessions.”


“We were on tour with Tool for Lollapalooza ’93. They were one of my favourite bands in the world and we played them every day. We were on first and RATM was just beginning to break in the States, and we had loads of adventures. Every day I would go see Tool’s set from the side of the stage ‘cos I thought they were just awesome.”

31Sex Bomb

"When I think of summer songs I think of the big holiday hits, the kind of songs people hear on holiday, then buy when they get home. I was lucky enough to have one of those with 'Sex Bomb', a big hit for me that people still request to this day. Although I'm not playing it at the moment."

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